What are best Lillia runes and items?

Lillia managed to set foot in the rift as the 149th champion of the Runeterra world. It is important to note that this champion is positioned as a “war magician”. That’s why you need to choose the right rune to match your skill kit at the same time.

You may be confused about Lillia rune choices. My goal is for you to make the right choice and get extra efficiency from the champion. For this, I suggest you review my rune and item suggestions below. Also, if you have anything to ask, you can send it to me by comment.

Lillia’s Abilities

  • Passive – Lillia’s abilities apply dream powder to the opponent. This dream powder deals magic damage based on maximum health and gradually does so over three seconds. Note that this damage is reduced against jungle monsters.
  • Q – This ability of Lillia has both passive and active properties. Her passive attribute Lillia grants her movement speed each time she deals damage to any champion. Moreover, it is possible to fill this movement speed. Fills disappear in a few seconds.
  • W – Lillia’s ability has a short range effect. More precisely, it is a short forward leap ability. However, it has an instant area damage value. When thrown forward, it damages a specific area. So you should use this whenever possible.
  • E – It is a global ability owned by Lillia and has a normal cooldown. Throws the ball, which goes in a certain direction, forward. This ball continues to move in the same direction until it hits any map fragment or championship.
  • R – Lillia’s special ability is somewhat familiar. You can think of it like Zoe’s sleeping bubble. All champions exposed to the dreamdust from their passive ability are put to sleep for a set time. In fact, this is a situation that happens wherever it is on the map.

Lillia’s Runes

When Dark Harvest is chosen, Lillia becomes a slightly more damage-focused champion. As the game progresses, you will get stronger and you will be able to use the area damage from your skill kit more effectively. You get the opportunity for sustainability with other small runes.

Phase Rush only contributes to mobility. You can choose this rune if you are ineffective in capturing opponents or need sudden evasive moves. Since you will be a jungler, the little runes you choose as a basis will be fixed.


Lillia Build

Lillia has many different Mythic item paths to follow. However, Liandry’s Anguish item is one of the most powerful and versatile. Thanks to Agony and Torment, you will be able to get what you want. Thus, you will have bought the right item without any problems.

On the other hand, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Demonic Embrace and Morellonomicon will be other important items. If you want more functionality, you can grab the Banshee’s Veil item. If you need more damage, Cosmic Drive or Mejai’s Soulstealer might be ideal for you.

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