What are best Samira runes and items?

Samira managed to set foot in the rift as the 151th champion of the Runeterra world. It is not quite correct to say that he is long-range despite being a marksman. Samira, who switches wildly between her sword and machine gun, is assertive about keeping her opponents in a shower of knives and bullets.

You may be confused about Samira’s rune choices. My goal is for you to make the right choice and get extra efficiency from the champion. For this, I suggest you review my rune and item suggestions below. Also, if you have anything to ask, you can send it to me by comment.

Samira Skills

  • Passive – Samira’s passive has added something new to the game. It can create combo by referring to unique attacks from the previous hit. This means attacking different targets and switching between abilities and basic attacks.
  • Q – Samira’s Q skill is extremely easy to understand. This ability is her tool to poke opponents and also cleanse her minion wave. However, it has a structure that changes depending on whether its target is in melee range or not.
  • W – Samira’s W ability will look a little familiar. This is a 360 degree created wind wall. Deals damage to enemies around it twice and destroys enemy bullets that enter the area. This can be the key to surviving the first explosions while embarking on a challenge or running away.
  • E – Samira’s E ability is the ability that closes the champion’s main gap. With his ability, he can dash towards both enemies and allies. It can damage any enemy it passes through and gain attack speed. Also, the skill is refreshed when he scores from champions.
  • R – Samira’s R ability is a nightmare of the opponent. It does not have a waiting period. It all depends on Samira’s style rating. When he reaches the rank S, he can use his special ability, dealing damage to enemies around him and stealing life.

Samira Rün

Samira can choose Conqueror for the rune. Because this rune has a chance to accumulate its refills quickly. When he makes this choice, she gains continuity in his damage. The alternative is Press the Attack selection.

When Samira chooses Hail of Blades for the rune, she becomes a champion with a focus on raw damage. The damage gains continuity but starts to deal unadulterated damage. This can be a good choice for players who like to play a little more attached to the opponent.


Samira Build

The role you play in Samira item arrangement will be of great importance. In general, you should keep in mind that he is a champion of choice in mid lane. Therefore, my suggestion would be to close the Mythic item gap with Immortal Shieldbow.

Then you need to support him with The Collector item. The items you will need afterwards will be in the form of Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel. This way, you will complete the perfect array of items you need.


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