What are best Volibear runes and items?

I can say that Volibear has become a little more useful after getting a modern skill kit. At least now his role is quite clearly defined. You can play him as a bruiser or make a tank for your team. In this respect, it is an extremely flexible choice.

You may be confused about the Volibear rune choices. My goal is for you to make the right choice and get extra efficiency from the champion. For this, I suggest you review my rune and item suggestions below. Also, if you have anything to ask, you can send it to me by comment.

Volibear’s Abilities

  • Passive – When Volibear deals damage to the opponent with simple attacks or abilities, he gains a passive charge. You have a chance to accumulate this passive with a maximum of 5 stacks. Each charge grants you 5% extra attack speed.
  • Q – Volibear transforms into ghost and gains extra movement speed. This movement speed is doubled when against champions. While the ability is active, you throw a solid claw at the opponent the next time you attack. Thanks to this claw, you will stun the opponent.
  • W – Volibear stays attached to the target, dealing damage and injuring them for a set period of time. It is the passive property of this ability. Its active feature allows you to bite injured targets. When you do this, you will regenerate some health.
  • E – Volibear fires a lightning charge that will affect the target area. If he is inside the lightning charge, the shield wins. Lightning deals magic damage and slows the movement speed of all targets affected. In this respect, it is an important crowd control capability.
  • R – Volibear jumps towards the target area. Meanwhile, he becomes a ghost, gains life, and increases attack range. However, its size also increases. It slows down all targets after a certain delay.

Volibear’s Runes

When Conqueror is chosen, Volibear becomes a little more aggressive and starts acting like a bruiser. It is very difficult to destroy in 1v1 battles as it provides extra health regeneration. This is the generally preferred rune path for players.

When the Aftershock is chosen, it becomes a tank for the Volibear team. If there are too many damage champions in your team, it would be better to choose this direction. Because you will be the champion who should be at the forefront for your team.


Volibear Build

Volibear eşya dizilimi konusunda oynadığın rolün önemi büyük olacaktır. Genel olarak orman bölgesinde tercih edilen bir şampiyon olduğunu aklından çıkarmamalısın. Bu nedenle benim önereceğim söz konusu eşyalar bunun üzerine olacaktır. Turbo Chemtank must be selected as the Mythic item.

On the other hand, Dead Man’s Plate will be an important step on the way. Then you can buy Thornmail, Spirit Visage and finally Randuin’s Omen. You can exchange Randuin’s Omen with Sterak’s Gage or Gargoyle Stoneplate, depending on the game situation.

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