What are best Yone runes and items?

Yone managed to set foot in the rift as the 150th champion of the Runeterra world. Yasuo’s brother is back, but you don’t want to get in his way. If you don’t want to be a target of the curse, the best thing you can do is stay away from his sword.

You may be confused about the Yone rune choices. My goal is for you to make the right choice and get extra efficiency from the champion. For this, I suggest you review my rune and item suggestions below. Also, if you have anything to ask, you can send it to me by comment.

Yone Abilities

  • Pasif – Yone’s passive ability is bidirectional. He deals physical damage when he uses his first sword, but deals 50% magic damage when he uses his second sword. It does not have a specific waiting period. So it may come in handy to take advantage of it.
  • Q – Yone’s ability will sound quite familiar. It has the mechanics to achieve two fillings. Since the strengthened version is slightly different, you may want to consider making different and more appropriate moves.
  • W – Yone’s ability is a skill covered by a protective instinct. Yone swings his sword forward and affects enemies in a specific area. By dealing damage according to the target’s maximum health, he manages to scare them in a sense.
  • E – It is the ability that is central to Yone’s gameplay mechanics. Yone assumes spirit form, gains movement speed, and leaves his body behind. When the soul form ends, it immediately starts moving towards itself and the soul returns to its body.
  • R – Yone’s special talent is a talent that can be called idiosyncratic. He charges forward very quickly, while using his swords, showing his usual strength by damaging everything in his path.

Yone Runes

You might prefer this for Yone as the Conqueror is the primary choice of every champion referred to as assassin and “bruiser”. A variety of sub-runes You can choose between Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity.

Grasp of the Undying is the tank choice for Yone. It should be noted that he can refill with his Q ability. He can raise his health quickly and have more health than anyone else in the game. It can be transformed into a big tank with the shield from the W ability.


Yone Build

Your role in the Yone item layout will be of great importance. In general, you should keep in mind that he is a champion of choice in mid lane. Therefore Immortal Shieldbow will be my first choice. There is no chance of finding a better Mythic item.

You may want to be a little more selective when it comes to other items. However, the path you need to follow is clear. First of all, you should support your Mythic item with Infinity Edge. You can then get Bloodthrister. Guardian Angel for the fifth item and Mortal Reminder for the last item would be good choices.


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