How to counter Rumble?

Rumble is a very weak champion in the early game. Has problems as long as his Q is on cooldown. When the Q ability is on cooldown, you should try to fight it. Because during the damage exchange you will perform at these times, Rumble will be insufficient in terms of damage.

All Rumble will do in the lane phase is to farm as much as possible. It makes no effort to constantly trade damage and engage in one-on-one combat. For this, you have to try to play aggressively. If necessary, you should plan ganks with support from your jungler teammate and try to neutralize him.

Rumble is an inactive champion. In general, he tries to gain an advantage by making his moves and strong dives. You have to freeze the minion waves from the side of the map closest to your area and make it come forward. So you can prevent him from farming or make him an open target for ganks.

What is Rumble counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing the champion. You shouldn’t be too close to your teammates in team fights. You have to be careful as you move towards the same point. Because he will be able to inflict a lot of damage using his Rumble R ability. All you have to do is stay away from tight spaces as much as possible. In this way, you will reduce the area of ​​influence of Rumble.

If Rumble is alive and strong enough, you’ll need to be extra careful when eliminating targets like dragons or Baron. Because these areas are Rumble’s favorite areas. Since you will be very close to each other with your teammates in the pit, he will be able to use his Rumble R ability to impress you all. You must try to eliminate Rumble before completing the quests.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of starting a teamfight in the jungle zone. This is mainly because Rumble’s R ability has the same width as forest paths. In this way, he will be able to use his Rumble R ability easily on the opposing team. If you want to fight in the jungle, it’s always a much better idea to ensure that Rumble isn’t there.

What potential does Rumble have?

You have to watch out for Rumble’s power bar. If this bar is above 50%, you should not try to trade damage with Rumble. Because in many circumstances, you will be the one who will be disadvantaged. You can make all kinds of moves against him to fill your bar. In this way, you can prevent damage from overload. To do this, you’ll need a mobile champion.

At level 6, Rumble gets a significant power boost. You have to be extra careful when Rumble’s R ability is available. Especially in the lane phase, you should not go too far, and most importantly, try not to be greedy. Because Rumble will be able to neutralize you with the support it will receive from both your abilities and your jungler teammate.

The strongest point of Rumble is team fights. You must move around without spending too much time in tight spaces, forests and mission pits. Otherwise, he will be able to gain a tremendous advantage by using his Rumble R ability. You have to be careful to be together with your teammates, but you have to make an extra effort not to stay too close to them while doing this.

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