How to counter Ryze?

When playing against Ryze, you shouldn’t stay too close to marked minion troops or dying minion troops. Because Ryze will be able to impress you using his E ability, and then use his Q ability to launch empowered attacks. Taking a position in the lane stage is very, very important.

The biggest danger to Ryze in the early game is the mana problem. He’ll run out of mana quickly, especially if he has to play in a fast-paced lane. In this case, he will have to go back to the main zone or play more passively in the lane. At the same time, he will have a lot of trouble competing with you in damage exchange and will not be able to farm.

You have to be very careful about Ryze’s depletion state. Because Ryze has a chance to gain a shield by using his abilities. This shield will also grant him extra movement speed. He only needs to clear the minion waves quickly to have this effect. You should pay attention to this at the lane stage.

What is Ryze counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing the champion. Ryze is a champion that is effective in the last phase of the game. If you want to disable it, you have to try to do something in the early and middle phase of the game. In this way, you can manage to break your effectiveness throughout the game. Especially if you can leave it behind in terms of farming, you will have a great advantage.

It acts as a carrier in team battles, but its items are much more durable than a carrier. You can try to neutralize him in team fights. Thus, you can manage to eliminate a target without instant damage to it. If you don’t, Ryze will weigh in on the teamfight and hisRyze its effect.

In team battles, you need to convince your tank mate to stay ahead. In particular, you have to get Ryze to stand in front of him. This will prevent Ryze from removing carrier champions by applying the E > Q combination. The carrier champions in their team must always stand behind the tank champions.

What potential does Ryze have?

When Ryze reaches level 3, he gains power because at this level he has reached his three basic abilities. With these abilities, he can deal a massive amount of damage. However, he will need a large amount of mana to make this combination. So he won’t try to do it unless the right time is in question. You have to annoy him with your abilities and stay away from the marked minion troops.

When he reaches 14th level, he will have strengthened his damage-dealing abilities. If you want to be able to stand against Ryze, you must invest in magic resistance. Magic resistance is one of the first items you should buy, especially if Ryze has somehow managed to get ahead. If you do not do this, you will have trouble standing in front of him.

Ryze draws power from ability power and mana. Therefore, Ryze’s power increases with each level up and each item purchase. Ryze doesn’t have a strong dynamic power boost potential. Because the damage naturally increases. If you fail to punish him early in the game, he will somehow get stronger and become a problem for your team.

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