How to counter Samira?

Whenever Samira has enough style points, she will have a chance to use her special ability. So when you have the maximum points, you shouldn’t try to trade damage with her. You should take care to stay in a safer position.

After reaching level 6, Samira’s scoring potential increases as much as possible. This potential is much higher, especially when she has the maximum style points. That’s why you have to be very careful when you are in A style. Because this is usually the style situation he will move to.

Samira is especially vulnerable when she has problems with meaning. Alternatively, you can try to review the style score. When you have little style and meaning, you should consider making a move. Because this is when you are most likely to score.

What is Samira counter strategy?

In team battles, you should definitely try to neutralize Samira with crowd control. In this way, you will prevent it from damaging when the battle begins. Crowd control will hinder her special ability. When she uses her ability E, you should try to eliminate it quickly.

In the middle phase of the game, Samira will generally try to farm. Generally, there will be moments when she will be alone in mid lane. You should know this as an opportunity. When her friend in the support role is not with her, you should definitely consider punishing her.

When Samira is in very low style points, you should definitely consider starting a war. When you’re not starting a war, you allow her to accumulate style points. In this case, you will cause the team fight and the struggle to be much more difficult.

What potential does Samira have?

You should always check how many style points you have. It will be quite mobile close to S degree. Most importantly, when it is close to the S-grade, it can be deadly strong. Note that you cannot use your special ability when your style points are not maximum.

Samira is a very mobile champion. If you want to limit mobility and survivability, you must ensure that your minion troops are always close to you on the map. This will prevent her from using her E skill aggressively. You should remember that without aggression, she will have trouble scoring.

You should be very careful with Samira’s W ability. Because it has a chance to block normal attacks. When she uses this ability to trade damage, you should try to make the most of her cooldown. During this time, the damage exchange will be in your favor.

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