How to counter Senna?

Senna will constantly try to disturb you by using her Q skill and simple attacks. If you choose to play with melee champions against her, you shouldn’t be too pushy on damage trading. You must also be extra careful while protecting your teammate trying to make the last hit and placing a ward around.

If you have a functional champion, long-term damage trades can work in your favor. Because Senna does not have a sustainability ability right from the start. Since her simple attack speed is very low, he may have a great deal of trouble staying afloat in the lane. You have to remember that you need to have one of the right champions in your hand to be able to take advantage of this.

When playing against Senna, you should definitely check the mana bar. The main reason for this is quite clear. Senna is a champion who is constantly trying to do annoying damage. When she does this often, she begins to have problems with meaning. You can consider using this situation to your advantage. When you see that the mana bar is low, you should try to aggressively trade damage.

What is Senna counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Senna is a very sedentary and flimsy champion. When it comes forward to annoy you, it simply gives you the opportunity to move. In such situations, you should consider making the right move for her. Because in such situations, she will have great difficulty in protecting herself.

You have to be careful when you want to use Senna’s W ability. There are several ways she can use this ability effectively. To prevent this, you have to try to stay behind the minion troops. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of standing behind low-health minion troops. In this case, the crowd control effect will be easily applied.

The easiest way to neutralize Senna is obvious. You must make sure she uses her W ability to waste. When you do this, you will have an advantage in the lane against her for a long time. When the W is on cooldown, you can move towards it and consider aggressively trading damage with it.

What potential does Senna have?

Senna, like most champions, grants access to her special ability when she is level 6. This skill is a skill that can change the fate of the match. Because the skill has the potential to cause damage and in addition, it is possible to use it functionally. Once Senna is level 6, you have to be very, very careful about her damage potential.

There is an important situation that will go awry in the lane stage. Many support champions experience an increase in strength when they are level 3 because they have accessed all their basic abilities. However, this is not the case for Senna. Because Senna’s E ability is a skill that is completely based on functionality. If you have champions with strong damage potential, you may consider turning a level 3 game.

Senna is a pretty good champion in teamfights. However, you should keep in mind that she is still. So it might be a good idea to catch it first and neutralize it. This will automatically give your team a scoring advantage. Taking advantage of this advantage may be the right move to pursue important missions like Baron or Dragon.

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