How to counter Seraphine?

When playing against Seraphine, an eye should always have passive ability. You should not allow this champion, who has a natural power boost with his passive ability, to gain an advantage over you. You have to be careful every 3 charges because the next skill will be much stronger.

Seraphine will definitely chase after score after reaching level 6. Therefore, you should be prepared for raids on the corridor. All you have to do is watch out for raids and respond appropriately when necessary. R has a very, very high scoring potential.

Whenever Seraphine uses her W ability, she becomes a vulnerable target to all attacks. She has no other escape ability. If you find yourself wasting this ability, you may consider making several moves. You should be aware that the cooldown for this ability is very high.

What is Seraphine counter strategy?

You shouldn’t try to fight around main goals or main quests when Seraphine is nearby. You need to warn your teammates about this. It is always to his advantage to be together. Because it will be able to apply crowd control to the whole team by hitting the R ability even from far away.

Similarly, you have to be careful in the forest zone. Fighting in tight spaces is one of his favorite jobs. Because the narrower the area, the easier it will be to hit and use his special ability effectively. You shouldn’t give him this opportunity.

You have to pay attention to the middle phase of the game. At this stage, Seraphine starts to take risks and tries to place her own ward items. Even if this is an ideal move to gain control of the map, you won’t find a better opportunity to take him off guard than this.

What potential does Seraphine have?

Seraphine is one of the champions with natural power ups. Whenever his passive ability reaches maximum fill, then he gets a boost in power. Because she will get the opportunity to use her next talent powerfully without cost.

At level 6, Seraphine gains power. Because when she unlocks this skill she manages to extra help her jungler teammate in ganks. You have to be very careful about this. You should especially try to get information from your jungler teammate about the possible position of your opponent.

The damage potential of her Q ability will increase after Seraphine completes her first item. Thanks to this ability, he will have the chance to eliminate his target. For this reason, you should try not to be affected by the Q ability during the challenges. Also, you should pay close attention to the R skill in teamfights.

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