How to counter Sett?

Sett has very serious damage potential. That’s why you shouldn’t try to deal with long damage trades with him early in the game. Thanks to his physical damage, he is the one who will benefit from almost any simple attack exchange. You must remember this when trading damage with him.

You should avoid minion waves as much as possible while tackling lane. You can be crowded when standing close to minion troops. In this case, with the support from the jungler champion, you will be easy bait in ganks. You also avoid minion troops, reducing their chance of damage exchange.

You have to be very careful when you are level 6. Because no matter what, you should avoid trading damage with this champion. When you go too far in the lane, he will be able to catch you with his special ability. For this, you shouldn’t take too much risk when you have low health in the lane.

What is Sett counter strategy?

When tackling Sett, you always need to keep the distance. When you get too close to it, you are subject to crowd control. Also, when you get close, you can cause him to switch to an aggressive play style. You should only think about coming forward when you are ready, or bother him when he last hits.

You should keep the damage trading phases as short as possible. Because the champion is a champion that has the advantage of a long damage exchange. When he uses his W ability, he gains a shield that is difficult to shatter, thus showing his strength. When his shield is out, you should definitely consider running back.

If you experience too much trouble in the corridor stage, you can choose items that reduce the health regeneration effect in item selection. You should remember that this is an option. Maybe you don’t want to deviate from the standard build preference. But if you reduce his health regen ability, you gain a certain level of advantage.

What potential does Sett have?

Sett is pretty strong at the beginning of the game. When it comes to you, you should understand that you want to trade damage. He will usually try to trade damage using his simple attack and then Q. You have to be careful about this. Because he will not like the exchanges that will be advantageous.

You have to be careful when Sett is level 6. Because you should not forget that you can easily use your special ability. One eye should always be on the map. Because when he wants to use this ability, it means he is planning a gank for his teammate.

This champion is very effective in teamfights. The reason for this is the power given by his special talent. While fighting against him, a team fight should not be started in the forest zone. There should always be a certain distance between you and your teammates. If this does not happen, he will be able to use his special ability and switch to the rear.

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