How to counter Shaco?

Shaco’s probability of dueling at the beginning of the game is extremely low. In order to do this, he must first apply the scare effect to you. Anyway, once he’s done that, he’s probably winning the damage exchange. For this reason, it is usually a champion that chooses the Ignite spell over the Flash spell.

Be wary of early forest raids by Shaco. It will use Q while doing this. However, in the early stages of the game, its spawn time is very fast, as its invisibility takes a very short time. If you manage to follow him, you can disable him as he will have no escape skills left.

You must warn your aisle friends. If Shaco is on the other team, you don’t know when and where he will come out. Therefore, you should try to think about the areas where he can use his Q ability and try placing wards at these points.

What is Shaco counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Shaco does not have the ability to engage in a team fight. Therefore, the game is generally very important to be able to stand as a team. In this way, you will prevent him from using the Q skill and getting closer and getting scores for free. Because your team will be prepared for his moves.

Shaco is an assassin champion. For this reason, it directs directly towards perishable targets. Taking armor against him will be enough to prevent a certain part of his damage. If you have a leading Shaco, you must make sure your team invest in armor.

Even though you stand as a team, you can occasionally give Shaco a lunge advantage. In order to eliminate this advantage, it is important to place totems at appropriate points. In this way, you can easily understand whether Shaco can make a move from somewhere. You should also be careful with the clone he uses because his clone will take a lot more damage than normal.

What potential does Shaco have?

Shaco’s raids are not a big problem in the early game. However, once Shaco reaches level 4, raids can become a problem. You should be careful when entering the bushes and not waste too much time in them if it is not necessary. Because he will be able to frighten you by using his W skill.

Unfortunately, Shaco is not a champion who can get huge support from his items. Only his basic items contribute enormously to him. You should definitely play more carefully against a Shaco who has completed his basic items. You should never forget that he is an assassin.

When Shaco is level 6, he gains strength. This is because he gains access to R and the second time he uses it, he doesn’t really understand the difference between reality and illusion. When Shaco uses this skill, you should go back and continue farming or try to escape towards a safe zone.

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