How to counter Shen?

You shouldn’t try to trade damage with Shen early in the game. The reason for this is that he can ignore some of the damage with his shield. When his shield falls off, you can trade damage with it. To do this, you need to hit a skill at him. However, this is not always possible in the corridor phase.

You have to watch out for Shen’s sword. If the permanent touches you, its damage and attack speed will increase and it will also slow you down. For this reason, he will be able to use his Shen Q ability to auto attack much more powerfully.

Shen’s most effective ability is undoubtedly his E skill. The taunt from this skill is extremely powerful and means a guaranteed damage to the Q ability. He usually tries to use this ability while trading damage. When he attaches his ability E to you, you must somehow backward and try to move again when this ability is on cooldown.

What is Shen counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Shen gains access to R after reaching level 6. Accessing R doesn’t add much damage to it. Therefore, when you are level 6, you may consider trading damage with him. Also, when he uses his R ability, you can try to block him.

R’s cooldown is very, very high. If you manage to make it waste somehow, you will have done a very good job. When you can reduce Shen’s strength by almost half, this move allows you to keep her away from potential collisions. When Shen doesn’t have the R ability, he doesn’t have much effect in teamfights.

When Shen’s R ability is active, she will likely try to do a split push. In this way, it has the potential to apply pressure at two points at the same time. When you cast R on an ally, you should immediately eliminate that target or consider retreating. Otherwise, the course of the struggle may change with the arrival of Shen.

What potential does Shen have?

Shen’s first power increase occurs at level 2. He tends to win almost many damage exchanges thanks to his E> Q combination. Therefore, it is very valuable to level up before him and to be able to prevent his power increase. Another valuable situation is to try to avoid the ability to provoke as much as possible.

When he reaches level 6, Shen becomes an active champion on the entire map. He can easily support his teammates in other lanes. You have to be very careful when making moves under the tower and starting team battles. As soon as Shen reaches level 6, you should try to warn his teammates.

After Shen completes his first attack item, he gains a massive instant damage boost and fast minion wave clearing ability. That’s why you need to be very careful with your ability to provoke. While dueling with Shen, you should examine his preferred items carefully and avoid putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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