How to counter Shyvana?

Shyvana is a champion focused on farming. She will spend most of her time farming in the forest. By stealing her camps, you can manage to bring her back. Especially when you are thinking of ganking a corridor, you should immediately consider occupying her forest area and stealing a few camps.

Shyvana will generally try to steal the dragon early in the game. In this way, he will be able to strengthen her basic qualities and make an extra contribution to her team. Especially after 3 minutes, you should not neglect to put a totem on the dragon area.

Shyvana is not a champion who likes to gank too much. For this reason, you may consider ganking the lanes frequently in order to be a counter game. This way, you can make your teammates stand out and gain various advantages. Because Shyvana is not a champion that can respond to such moves.

What is Shyvana counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. You should check out Shyvana’s preferred item lineup. If Shyvana tries to become AP somehow, she will try to use her E skill extensively. You shouldn’t let it bother you all the time. He will consider gaining an advantage by trying to do this often, especially before teamfights begin.

Shyvana is one of those champions who will try to take her especially as soon as the Baron is out. You should pay attention to the Baron’s spawn time and try to concentrate on this area. Otherwise, you may have to give the opposing team a free Baron. You should make it a habit to use totems in the relevant area from the 20th minute on.

Since Shyvana is a farm-focused champion, it will not be preferred by aggressive players. You can use this to your advantage. Because the player who plays with Shyvana will constantly try to farm and will not be very eager to get out of the forest. You can gather as a team and try to get an advantage by going over the opposing team.

What potential does Shyvana have?

When Shyvana is level 6, she unlocks her R ability. After this minute, he transforms into a much more capable champion at ganking. You have to respect the damage it will do. Otherwise, Shyvana will manage to impress you with her usual damage and won’t hesitate to duel with you. You should not neglect to change your game strategy according to the stages of the game.

As soon as the dragon is active, Shyvana will try to get it. The first dragon is always important to her. Thanks to her passive ability, he gets stronger with each dragon he takes and strengthens her team. If you want to prevent her from gaining power, it will be enough to stop her from taking the dragons. In order to do this, you must be prepared for team fight scenarios that will occur from time to time.

Damage will increase after Shyvana completes the jungle item. You should try to combine this with its dueling potential to come up with a comprehensive strategy. Otherwise, he will be able to benefit from any damage exchange. If you are unsure of yourself, you should not make the mistake of going into a one-on-one fight with her.

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