How to counter Singed?

In general, Singed tries to direct the first incoming minion wave towards the forest. There is a simple way to prevent this. You must accompany the minion troops and come with them to the corridor. Because Singed is too weak to fight you and them at the same time. Since he will return to the corridor late, he will have an extra loss.

If Singed prefers to push the lane continuously, it’s important that you try to respond appropriately. Overall he will try to leave you with a very intense wave of minions. In this way, it will be able to put pressure on you even under the tower. If you let that happen, you will give him almost complete control of the corridor.

Singed is particularly vulnerable to ranged attacks. In order to enter the fight, he usually has to get close to you. If he tries to implement an aggressive style of play, he will have to sacrifice some defense for that. You should use this opportunity to disturb him and get support from his teammate to organize a raid at appropriate times.

What is Singed counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. The weapon of winning games for Singed is the method called proxy farm. Few champions can do this in the game. You simply step between the opponent’s two towers and meet the minion waves here. If the champion in the opposite jungle comes towards you, you won’t lose anything, but you can lose a lot to the opposing team in the raid attempt.

Proxy farming is his job, as it can do field damage and has tremendous abilities in terms of laning in general. Especially if there are champions who are weak in clearing waves of minions, this will benefit Singed. If you can manage the minion waves well, you can break the effect of Singed.

In the middle and final phase of the game, you have to force Singed into a team fight. This champion’s abilities are not well suited for teamfighting. Therefore, you should force him to make mistakes and try to keep him in the area where he is ineffective. You can easily neutralize it by taking advantage of crowd control effects.

What potential does Singed have?

When Singed is level 6, he unlocks his R ability. This ability gives him a variety of ability power, movement speed, stamina, health regen, and mana regen. Once you activate your Singed ability, you shouldn’t waste too much time with it. Because this will mean that you use your resources for nothing. When the skill’s active time expires, you can move towards it.

After completing her basic items, Singed turns into a champion that is difficult to chase. You can only stop it with very powerful crowd control effects. You shouldn’t make the mistake of chasing a Singed trying to escape. Instead, you should focus on different goals. You should remember that Singed’s influence will be low in the team fight and try to contribute to your team.

The third item that Singed buys is very important. The main reason for this is that it will reveal the style of play with the choice it will make. If Singed buys the Riftmaker item, it has an opportunity to move forward. However, keep in mind that as you run towards you, you can stop it with your crowd control abilities.

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