How to counter Sion?

Despite being a tank, Sion is one of the champions who completed the laning phase extremely strongly. Particular attention should be paid to his Q skill. Because he will be able to constantly disturb you during the laning phase using this skill. If you’ve got one of the melee champions, you should try moving left and right, not back and forth, to avoid this skill.

Although the amount of shield Sion has is not very strong during the laning phase, it will still help him with short-term damage exchange. If you make it to waste this shield before you move exactly towards it, you’ll gain a huge advantage.

Sion is one of those champions whose abilities are almost completely ineffective when on cooldown. If you’re playing with a champion that can spread damage exchange over a longer term, you can go after it. Because this will be the only way to gain the advantage in the laning phase against Sion. You should try this while you have the opportunity.

What is Sion counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Sion is a champion that can demonstrate the ability to participate in teamfights from great distances. That’s why you should care about map control. In particular, you have to anticipate the ways he may come and try to put totems in these areas. So you can perform your pushing strategy more successfully.

Unless he has the R ability, Sion is an extremely sluggish champion. Especially, he has great difficulty in chasing his opponent. You can use it to advantage and hit and run and you can constantly disturb him. However, if you think you don’t have the chance to fight him one on one, you have to be very careful when making your moves.

If you disturb him while using his Sion Q ability, his ability will not go on cooldown. This is one of the most important features that distinguishes Sion from other champions. You should remember that if you disturb him, he can use his ability again. For this, it would be a very good idea to try to keep the distance and try to make moves.

What potential does Sion have?

When Sion is level 3, he is extremely powerful. With the combination he will make, he will be able to send you towards the tower and continue to disturb you while you are under the tower. That’s why you have to admit that the laning phase can be challenging. When choosing a champion, you have to check if you can dominate the lane.

When Sion reaches level 6, you have to be careful of the moves he can make from long distances. You have to try to follow him on the map. When he goes back to his home zone, he will be able to put pressure on another lane using his R ability. When he disappears, you should definitely try to warn your teammates using ping.

After completing Sion’s basic items, his ability to initiate combat gets extremely powerful. For this reason, you need to calculate well the points where there is an escape chance. His main goal should not be too in the foreground, and you should try to keep your position in the right spot while preparing for teamfights. Otherwise, Sion can either manage to hunt you down or make you hunt.

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