How to counter Sivir?

Sivir’s Q is a boomerang. If you fail to escape from it, he will be able to come and shoot you a second time. The damage potential of this skill is quite high. You may find it difficult to resist the damage it will do, especially in the early game. That’s why you should try not to make the mistake of dealing with incoming damage.

Sivir’s biggest problem in the corridor stage is the mana problem. He has to consume a lot of mana early in the game. Because he uses most of his skills to farm. Your task should be to take control of the corridor by using this phase to your advantage. So you can get a big advantage.

You should never let Sivir gain extra mana. The biggest reason for this is that as long as it has a mana problem, it will lose its effectiveness in the lane phase. Sivir will gain strength from her E ability to solve her mana problem. When he uses his ability E, you should not try to use random ability on her.

What is Sivir counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Before using the crowd control abilities, you should somehow try to get rid of the shield gained by the E ability. Otherwise, Sivir will be able to block her crowd control ability. In both damage exchange and teamfights, this can cause you to get an unwanted result.

Sivir usually shuttles between the lower corridor and the middle aisle to farm. You can try to set up a trap by taking control of the map in areas where it can pass. You should remember that you need support from your teammates to do this. Because there will always be a support champion next to her who will try to protect her.

Sivir’s mobility is average. When he hooks his abilities, he gains movement speed, but most importantly, when he uses R, he can increase his movement speed. It is a champion that can be troubled against champions with strong challenge-initiation skills, as there is no chance for any forward, relocation, or instant moves.

What potential does Sivir have?

Sivir is a champion that stands out especially for its petite cleansing skills. When he manages to complete his basic items, he manages to clear waves of minions much more easily. You should pay attention to the items he chooses and find ways to develop your game plan accordingly. This is the easiest way to stand against Sivir.

Sivir’s R ability grants her and her allies bonus movement speed. When this ability is used, there must be some form of backtracking plan. Otherwise, Sivir, who managed to catch you with his team, will be able to eliminate you easily.

Sivir gets very powerful, especially when she completes critical hit items. Because in this way, it will have the chance to give a good level of damage that is continuous. You should warn the tank champions in your team about this and help them make the right item layouts. When Sivir finds the opportunity, he has the power to eliminate the whole team within seconds.

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