How to counter Skarner?

Skarner’s strength in the early game comes from crystals in the forest zone and the river zone. Capturing these will significantly reduce his camping-clearing ability. For this, you have to be careful from the first second of the game and try to capture the crystals in the forest with your team.

Similarly, Skarner gets support from his crystals not only to clear camps but also to be strong in normal challenges. Crystals grant him movement speed and attack speed. He will be able to try to take advantage of damage exchange by using these qualities he has gained. Therefore, if you are going to fight it, you should try to fight away from the crystals.

Without the Crystals, Skarner is a champion with a mana problem. Crystals are one of the simplest ways to punish it. Especially if you manage to steal the blue buff, you’ll minimize Skarner’s effectiveness. Because without blue buff, he will not be able to successfully manage mana at the start of the game.

What is Skarner counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Skarner is a master champion especially when it comes to hitting a target and bringing it towards his team. Crowd control blocking items that can be purchased early in the game can be critical in this regard. In this way, you will significantly eliminate his selection and sorting potential.

Skarner will usually try to catch one of the carrier champions in teamfights. He will instantly bring the captured champion towards his team and make him ineffective. If you don’t want this to happen, you should try to dodge backwards when Skarner moves towards you. The most guaranteed method is to use the crowd control effect capabilities.

Skarner is one of those champions trying to keep damage trades as long as possible. Thanks to its shield and healing ability, it has the potential to counter a large amount of damage. Therefore, the best you can do against him is to engage in short-term damage trades and avoid struggles when appropriate.

What potential does Skarner have?

Even though Skarner is a champion known as a tank, when he completes the Turbo Chemtank, he has the potential to do ganks. You need to keep a close eye on the items he buys. By purchasing this item, he will have a chance to neutralize any carrier champion in a short time.

When Skarner reaches level 6, he will be able to neutralize his target for a few seconds. He will try to make the best use of this advantage of the R skill and change the course of the game with it if necessary. To get rid of this, you must avoid the E ability and turn to items that block the crowd control effect.

Skarner will be able to gain serious movement speed by using his basic items, the Phase Rush rune, and most importantly, the W ability. In this way, he will be able to infiltrate the back of the team and pull the carrier champion he captured here forward. You can block him by using the hit and run tactic and you can slow him down by playing close to the carrier champions.

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