How to counter Sona?

Sona is a pretty weak champion. For this reason, he does not prefer to make an all-or-nothing struggle. Instead, it tries to exchange short-term instant damage and damage. With this in mind at all times, you can always consider entering into long-term damage trades whenever possible. Thus, you get an important advantage in the corridor stage.

Sona’s mana will quickly run out. This is because he uses his abilities to constantly disturb the opponent during the laning phase and also to heal health. You can try to make moves at appropriate times by constantly checking his mana bar. Because when Sona’s meaning melts, the ability to fight will disappear.

Sona will try to distract you during the laning phase and will generally prefer an aggressive game. Therefore, the champion you play with is of great importance. Whichever champion you choose, when you fulfill your mission in the lane, you have to move towards the safe zone. So you can keep it from bothering you.

What is Sona counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Sona will try to drop wards on map missions like Baron and Dragon, like any support champion. Even if not very often, he will try to go to these areas alone from time to time. When you get an opportunity like this, you should try to neutralize it with instant damage. So you can manage to punish him.

It makes a very intense contribution to the team in terms of functionality. If possible, you should try to disturb him. This will be good news for you if you manage to reduce your health before the team fight begins. Because he will make a move to heal his own life, and he will have a hard time making the necessary move for his team.

Even if the support champion who plays against Sona does everything right, sometimes it ends with the marksman champion next to him. You must ensure that your ally gets an item that reduces their health healing effects. Thus, you can manage to reduce the sustainability offered by Sona in the corridor stage as much as possible. If your teammate refuses, you may consider creating an alternative plan.

What potential does Sona have?

Sona begins to deal incredible damage with him, especially when he starts to boost his Q ability. Moreover, it has the opportunity to do this with simple ranged attacks. When you want to trade damage to the End, you must back out and try to balance the lane. Because it is not easy to deal with its damage in the early stages of the game.

Grants access to R after reaching level 6. Thanks to this skill, he can start making all or nothing moves. For this reason, you have to control the jungle champion of the opposing team by placing wards in important places in the lane. When Sona’s R ability is active, your dominant eating potential is quite high.

Sona’s W ability will significantly neutralize your damage during the laning phase. Especially if he manages to use his passive ability and W ability together, he will regenerate a lot of health. That’s why you need to make sure that you move at the right time when trying to kill him. The chance to survive will be quite high when combined with the W ability and passive ability.

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