How to counter Soraka?

Soraka is one of those champions who need to come a little closer to disturb their opponents in the laning phase. Usually it uses the Q and E skills for this job. When Soraka comes to the fore, you should try to dodge her abilities or prevent her from playing aggressively by doing annoying damage to her. That way, you can spoil his plans.

Soraka is one of those champions who need to use a lot of health and mana to keep the champion standing next to him. As long as you are not going to lose too many lives, you should try to damage him. This type of damage trade will definitely work. Especially when trying to farm the carrier champion in the opponent team, you can damage him.

Soraka has the ability to silence the opposing champions. This crowd control effect, which he will apply using his E skill, is extremely powerful. This is why it is so important to void the E ability. Moreover, when Soraka uses her abilities in vain, she will start having problems in terms of mana. This is how you can take advantage of the laning stage.

What is Soraka counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Soraka is a champion that gives a lot of functionality to its team. It might be a very good idea to eliminate him before teamfights begin. Of course, you have to make sure you get the right opportunity to do this. If you want to neutralize the opposing team in team battles, you have to be careful about the target selection.

If possible, you should ensure that the next carrier champion gets an item that reduces the healing effect. In this way, you significantly neutralize Soraka’s health regeneration ability and shield ability. This type of item is very useful against teams with champions like Soraka. You should try to evaluate this.

Soraka is one of the champions trying to control the whole map alone in the middle and final stages of the game. Generally it will try to place wards around all map missions. You have to be extra careful for this and set a trap whenever you get the chance. So you can easily leave the opposing team incomplete.

What potential does Soraka have?

Dealing with Soraka at the laning stage is not easy. Generally, you have to deal with it constantly and try to compensate for the damage it has done. Especially when he starts to strengthen his E ability he deals a lot of damage and the silencing effect of this ability starts to take too long. You should consider trading damage with him whenever you get the chance.

Soraka is a champion that can affect the entire map, especially with her R ability. After reaching level 6, he can manage to heal the health of his teammates in need. When this skill is unavailable, you can try to inform your teammates. This way, you can put your team in a position to implement potential moves.

When Soraka completes her core items, she starts to deal an excessive amount of damage. Underestimating its damage potential means returning an advantage that can be gained in the game to the rest. When applying the Q> E combination, you may be surprised by the damage it will inflict. You have to be very careful, especially in the laning phase.

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