How to counter Sylas?

Sylas is among the champions who have gone through the laning phase very strongly. Because the potential for damage exchange in the lane phase is very, very high. You have to be very careful with close range when trying to trade damage with him. Because Sylas has a chance to deal more damage at close range.

Sylas’s most important skill in the early game is his E skill. With this ability, he can initiate combat, gain shields, and also activate runes such as Aftershock. The cooldown of the skill is very high. You should try to avoid this skill as much as possible and disturb him whenever you get the chance.

Sylas will use his Q ability to constantly try to disturb you. It will do this especially when trying to kill a minion. For this you need to pay attention to your position in the aisle. You have to be careful not to stay within its attack range. When the skill is on cooldown, it would be a great idea to try to kill a minion.

What is Sylas counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Sylas is a champion that can survive in teamfights. He will heal his health thanks to the potential of his W ability. He’ll try to do this often, especially when he’s low on health. It may be a good idea to use an item that reduces the ability to heal health. At least you can manage to reduce his influence on teamfights.

Generally, Sylas will try to steal the R ability of a champion on his team before the team fight begins. You have to pay attention to the abilities he is studying. Because it has a chance to use these abilities against you. Before making a move against Sylas, it is very important to keep a close eye on which talent you stole from.

Sylas will often try to use his E ability to use the power from his rune. You have to be prepared for this throughout the game, including team battles or lane phase. If you manage to avoid the ability E, you can make it a weaker target. In this way, you can even win struggles that seem irreversible.

What potential does Sylas have?

Sylas is very, very powerful in the early stages of the game. You should know that you will make an extra effort to use this power. You shouldn’t try to give Sylas an advantage in the early game. If you do this, you won’t be able to keep it from getting stronger throughout the game. It puts its weight on the game in a short time and manages to carry the game.

When Sylas finishes his first of his core items, he turns into a powerhouse. You have to be careful of the moves he will make after this point. Because he will be able to go forward in an instant and try to hunt you and neutralize you with his usual damage. You should try to keep a close eye on Sylas’ purchases.

Sylas must steal special abilities from his opponent to stay strong after level 6. When he does not do this, he loses some of his strength. When you steal an ineffective special skill from your opponent, you can play on him. Also, when you don’t have any special abilities, you can take a similar step and try to eliminate it when you are weak.

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