How to counter Syndra?

Syndra is one of the champions to take root in the laning phase. Moreover, it is very dangerous as it starts to do this from the very first levels. In front of him, all you have to do is push the corridor and avoid being trapped under the tower as much as possible. If Syndra manages to do that, she will become a much stronger champion as time goes on.

Syndra’s cooldown for E is quite high. Syndra will use this ability to trade damage or help her jungle teammate to raid. You have to be careful when there are too many spheres around. Because when these spheres are around, there will be a lot of chances to move and with this luck he will be able to score a lot.

When battling Syndra, you have to pay close attention not only to him and the jungler champion, but also to the orbs on the ground. These spheres are not left for decoration. Each one is there to put extra pressure on you. Whenever Syndra gets the chance, she can use all of her orbs to deal an incredible amount of instant damage to you.

What is Syndra counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. You have to stay away from the minion troops as you come to the hallway in front of Syndra. If you do this, as soon as you reach level 2, you will have the opportunity to trade damage from Syndra. When you stay away from minion troops, he will either have to push his minion wave or he will try to disturb you.

When fighting against Syndra, you shouldn’t always try to move in the same direction. When Syndra realizes this, she will be able to use her famous combination to apply a stunning effect on you. It can neutralize you when he uses the combination Q> E> W> Basic Attack. That is why it is very important that you take care not to proceed in the same direction.

Syndra’s only evasive ability is E. Without this skill, you can take it off guard. When attempting to trade damage, you should check if this ability is available. If this skill is not usable, he will have trouble protecting himself and avoiding moves. You can turn this into an opportunity by getting support from your jungle teammate.

What potential does Syndra have?

When Syndra comes back for the first time, she will be able to increase the frequency with which she can use her abilities with the item she buys. Thanks to the item that will solve the mana problem, he will be able to apply his preferred combinations much more easily. You have to fight accordingly and be careful not to play too aggressively against him when his abilities are available.

Syndra’s main strength comes from his strengthening at level 6. Gives access to R when he reaches this level. When it unlocks this ability, it succeeds in eliminating almost all flimsy targets that come before it. If you’ve chosen a flimsy champion while playing against him, you have to be extremely careful.

Syndra Luden’s Tempest increases his instant damage potential as much as possible after completing his item. As soon as you see this item, you should try to get an item that grants magic resistance. Otherwise, you cannot do anything about protecting yourself. You shouldn’t give Syndra the chance to eliminate you in one shot.

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