How to counter Tahm Kench?

You have to be very careful with Tahm Kench, especially after you reach level 6. After this level, he quickly gets a chance to change places on the map. You must warn your teammates when you can’t see him on the map. It is especially important for the teammate playing in the mid lane to be extra careful. Because there is usually pressure on the middle corridor.

When Tahm Kench’s gray health shows up, you have to simply come back. Because after this point, most of your damage will be ineffective. This is the most important rule to play against Tahm Kench. You must know well when to act and when not to do it. Otherwise, your opponent may choose to punish you.

When your teammate raids your lane, you must first focus on Tahm Kench. This is because Tahm Kench cannot swallow himself. If you try to eliminate it first, you can make sure the pressure is successful. If you consider focusing on his teammate Tahm Kench will swallow him and save him.

What is Tahm Kench counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Tahm Kench is a pretty still champion. It is much more immobilized using crowd control effects. It might be a good idea to try to eliminate him before the team fight begins. For this, you should evaluate the times when he tried to put a totem.

Tahm Kench’s R ability can affect a very large area. Thanks to this ability, it is a champion that can easily navigate the map. You should be careful not to get too far in the hallway. Because if you move forward, Tahm Kench will be able to hunt you using his R ability.

You should always try to drop wards in the Baron and Dragon pits in case the opposing team has Tahm Kench. Because this champion has the ability to get teammates behind targets. When he uses his R ability, the ward will be able to easily escape from the drop spots and focus on the target without appearing there.

What potential does Tahm Kench have?

The more health Tahm Kench has, the harder it will be to kill him. The reason for this is the mechanism called gray life. When Tahm Kench’s gray health shows up, you must switch targets immediately. After the gray health has disappeared, you may consider focusing on it again. This is one of the general rules that can be used when playing against Tahm Kench.

Tahm Kench is an extremely sedentary champion in the early game. This inactivity continues until he takes his boots. You can try to use it to advantage. You can raid him and try to dominate him in damage exchange. You should try every scenario in which you can be advantageous in all circumstances.

Tahm Kench is an ineffective champion, especially in the short-term damage trade. The reason for this is that he cannot use his gray life. Tahm Kench who cannot use his gray health will easily lose his effect. Therefore, you should try to trade short-term damage with him whenever you get the chance. So you can manage to dominate him in the hallway.

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