How to counter Taliyah?

Taliyah has a very serious ganking potential in the early game. It is very important that your lane friends try to stay behind the minion troops. This way, you can avoid being affected by Taliyah’s Q ability. Taliyah’s Q ability is a skill that can deal a lot of damage in the early game.

You have to be careful when Taliyah uses her E ability. Because this is the only crowd control effect capability. Usually uses this ability to clear camps. It will be vulnerable to any attack until its ability becomes available again. You can try using this to your advantage. However, for this it is very important to be able to follow his movements.

Taliyah is a champion who will constantly try to gank to get ahead. You have to try to steal their camp to prevent his potential to carry the game. You should especially check its status on the map and if it is at the top, go to the bottom and steal their camps. This will significantly reduce your chances of gaining experience.

What is Taliyah counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. When playing against Taliyah, it is very important to gain magic resistance. Because as he starts to complete his items, he gets a chance to deal a lot of damage. To prevent this, you must buy magic resist items. You need to stand behind your minion troops in the corridors. So you can prevent him from doing free damage.

You should try not to be near the walls while running from Taliyah. This is because Taliyah’s passive ability grants her extra movement speed while near walls. You need to have an escape plan from him as you develop a plan of action against him. Whatever happens, you should be careful not to escape from close to the wall.

You have to be careful with the apartments that Taliyah has left on the ground. When Taliyah stands on these, she will only have the chance to throw one rock at a time. If you fight Taliyah when she is above the circles, you will significantly reduce her damage potential. Being able to position and control Taliyah’s position is very valuable.

What potential does Taliyah have?

Taliyah begins to deal serious damage, especially when she completes Luden’s Tempest item. Because this item gives him ability power, mana, and a unique passive. Although she has little health, she will have a chance to survive once this shield is activated. For this, you have to be careful before making your killing move.

Taliyah’s dominant potential is very, very strong. Because it has the chance to close certain inputs and outputs thanks to its R capability. For this reason, it is very valuable to have sight control on the map. You should pay attention to the direction he is coming from and when you realize he is trying to raid, you should immediately try to pull yourself into the appropriate position.

When Taliyah buys Zhonya’s Hourglass item, it becomes a very serious problem. Because this item gains armor and also becomes one of the untouchable champions for a short time. You shouldn’t underestimate its power. Because as he gains ability power, his damage potential will increase and most importantly, he will be able to protect himself against all or nothing moves.

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