How to counter Talon?

When playing against Talon, you should be very careful with the W skill. Because this is where most of Talon’s damage in the early stage of the game comes from. The cooldown of the skill is slightly above average. When this ability is absent, the only ability to deal damage is Q. However, this ability is very ineffective when used to close distance.

You have to be careful when Talon is level 2. Because if the champions at level 2 are compared, Talon will be one of the best. Talon manages to reach both of his damage-dealing abilities at this level. Throughout the game, many champions need all three abilities for maximum damage potential. You must respect its damage potential.

If you’re playing with melee champions against Talon, you should pay attention to Talon’s Q ability. Q deals extra damage when used at close range and also resets auto attacks. The Basic Attack> Q> Simple Attack combination is very, very powerful. Because of this, he manages to activate the Electrocute rune.

What is Talon counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. When playing against the Talon, you must have the correct map view. A totem left close to his tower works well because you can easily tell if he’s starting to move around the map. When you start navigating the map, you will need this to see which point you are heading to.

Talon’s damage potential is based entirely on physical damage. Armor items that will be bought in the early stages of the game may work in this respect. Especially by purchasing an item like the Ninja Tabi, you can avoid its damage potential. It is up to you to develop alternative strategies, but this is one of the most ideal solutions.

If you have selected very weak champions in the champ select screen, you have to be careful because Talon is very adept at eliminating weak champions. You should be careful with Talon, as he will be able to do a lot in a short time. You shouldn’t let it snowball. It can be very difficult to stop him if you let that happen.

What potential does Talon have?

You have to respect Talon’s level 2 potential. If you do not do this, it will be able to take advantage of the early game towards the end of the game. You have to take care to level up in almost the same amount of time as him. At the same time, you should try to keep the distance by paying attention to your position in the lane phase.

Talon’s basic items will add to his power. Each item helps him become much stronger early in the game, as each of these items means an increase in power for the Talon. In particular, it will try to spread the advantage it will gain in navigating the map throughout the game and make an effort to turn it into a score.

Talon is a champion that gets stronger with items. After anything that deals physical damage, it transforms into a much more deadly champion. What you should not neglect to do and invest in armor and life. Especially if you haven’t managed to dominate Talon in the laning phase, all you need is to survive.

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