How to counter Teemo?

Whenever Teemo has the range advantage, he will always try to disturb the opponent during the laning phase. For this reason, it is very important to start a fight with a defensive item. This way, you can prevent him from bothering you too much in the early game. This is something you should definitely watch out for when picking a champion at a disadvantage.

When Teemo reaches level 6, you shouldn’t try to hit the spots that minion troops don’t step on. Teemo will often try to place mushrooms at alternative points and turn the corridor into a mushroom field. You can take damage, slow down and be the target of potential pressure wherever you try alternative paths.

If you have a lot of trouble in lane while playing against Teemo, you should look for items that will reduce his damage potential. For this, it is important to buy items such as Spirit Visage. With these types of items, you can significantly block its damage potential. You should also pay attention to Teemo’s item lineup.

What is Teemo counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Teemo will usually plant mushrooms in areas with high activity. For example, it will try to plant mushrooms in forest entrances and bushes. You have to be extra careful when entering and exiting such areas. Because if Teemo has planted mushrooms in an area, it will be able to emerge from somewhere near that area.

Teemo is a champion who will spend most of the game doing split pushing. Because it is unlikely to have much effect on teamfights. You should try to make good use of this number advantage offered to you. You can deceive your opponent into a 5 vs 4 fight. To do this, you can pursue map missions like Baron or Dragon.

Teemo players generally do not use defensive items. Therefore, they remain extremely vulnerable. If you have a chance to catch him at some point, you should definitely try to make a move. It is a target that can be easily eliminated because it is immobile and not durable. If you can eliminate it, the next team fight will be much easier.

What potential does Thresh have?

Teemo’s first power boost occurs at level 6. It becomes much more advantageous when it comes to exchanging damage, as it will have a chance to spawn mushrooms. He will try to constantly leave mushrooms around the corridor and try to control the area. When Teemo gets a power boost, you have to be careful with almost every point you press.

When he has enough cooldown reduction, Teemo will have a chance to lay mushrooms almost anywhere on the map. You need to be extra careful not to run into mushrooms. Additionally, you should try not to move close to minions. Because when you move close to minion troops, you can be affected by explosive mushrooms.

When Teemo somehow manages to get the Riftmaker item, he gains power. It tries to make the best use of its range advantage. To prevent this, you should definitely try to buy items that give magic resistance. So you can prevent Teemo from eliminating you in seconds.

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