How to counter Thresh?

Thresh is a champion who can easily make raid plans thanks to his W ability. You have to be very careful when walking around walls or throwing his lantern behind them. This shows that he has formed a raid plan.

Thresh is one of those champions with a lot of crowd control skills. If he hits Q when he casts it, he can reuse it and put you in a difficult situation. Alternatively, he can use his E ability to try to slow you down. For this, you have to protect yourself.

E ability strengthens Thresh’s auto attacks. When Thresh’s auto attacks get stronger, you shouldn’t try to trade damage with him. Because if you do this you will start the fight at a disadvantage and you will lose the damage exchange.

What is Thresh counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Most importantly, whatever happens, you should try to hide behind the minion troops. Since the Q ability will be attached to minion troops, you can significantly reduce Thresh’s effectiveness. This will greatly increase your chances of survival.

When Thresh uses his W ability to protect or save an ally, all you have to do is stand on the lantern. In this way, you reduce the chances of your opponent clicking the lantern. At worst, you can try to drop a totem on him.

Many of Thresh’s abilities have a high cooldown. Especially in the early levels this manifests itself much more clearly. After using your abilities, you will have a set time to move. You may want to consider trading for damage within this range.

What potential does Thresh have?

Thresh experiences a significant power boost when he has the maximum cooldown reduction effect. Once he achieves this, he will be able to imprison you for a long time, along with the R combination, from the moment he gets his ability Q.

Another important potential of Thresh emerges when he completes his boots. After completing his drawing, he starts navigating the map and makes raid plans. This is extremely bad for your team because it is very difficult to predict where it will come from.

When Thresh is level 2, he has a chance to access both Q and E skills at the same time. This is one of the deadliest combinations you can ever see at an early stage. You should try to avoid your Q skill as much as possible. Otherwise, it is inevitable that you will lose the corridor.

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