How to counter Tristana?

When Tristana kills a target when unlocking her E, it deals damage to surrounding troops. That’s why it’s important not to stay too close to minion troops during the laning phase. In particular, you need to avoid dying minion troops as much as possible. Otherwise, Tristana will be able to do damage to you comfortably.

When Tristana uses W to neutralize a champion, or when E literally applies her ability to a champion or turret, her cooldown is reset. You have to take this into account when dealing with it. Especially when you’re trying to keep damage trades going, you have to be very careful.

Tristana has the chance to land a tower in seconds, thanks to her Q and E abilities. This is why it is very important that you can prevent it from damaging the tower. He will try to get the tower plates, especially in the early phase of the game. If you can prevent this, you can successfully prevent the advantage it will try to make in the early stage of the game.

What is Tristana counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Tristana is an extremely mobile shooter champion. She may leap forward to score or choose to run backwards to avoid scoring she. Whatever you do, if you want to neutralize it, you’ll need to apply instant damage. You may consider getting support from your teammates in this regard.

When Tristana somehow puts her E ability on you, you should immediately consider walking away. Because this is an important part of his damage plan. While the E ability is on you, you will have to take extra damage. You should definitely consider this detail when trying to trade damage. Otherwise, Tristana will benefit from any damage exchange.

You shouldn’t let Tristana get near the towers in the middle phase of the game. Tristana is a tower-hunter champion. You have to make extra effort to follow it. From time to time, he will be able to try to make a split push separately from his team. In such cases, you have to be careful about someone. If you don’t do this, unfortunately, you may have to lose the tower.

What potential does Tristana have?

Tristana’s first power boost occurs when she completes the Infinity Edge item. From this point on, Tristana has the potential to deal very serious instant damage. That’s why you should check your items while trying to trade damage. In addition, if he gets an item that gives attack speed, he will be able to neutralize you from a distance.

When Tristana has three different critical items on her, she manages to transform into a monster. It would be very difficult to stop him now because she meets all the requirements for applying the hit and run tactics. She can do a little more damage with each hit. The way to punish him in such situations is to make him make a position mistake. Somehow you have to try to catch it in the wrong position.

Tristana’s passive ability increases the hit range of her simple attacks, both E and R. You have to be very careful not to stay within its attack range. Because when she catches you she will have the chance to neutralize you within seconds. You have to act without giving him a chance to attack him from afar.

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