How to counter Trundle?

Playing against Trundle is not only a problem for jungle champions, but also for laning champions. It is imperative that lane players play close to the middle of the lane. If they play too close to walls, he will be able to corner them using the Turndle E ability and successfully gank them.

When Trundle takes the lead, he has an extremely strong dueling potential. Under normal circumstances, you should never try to duel with him. However, when the R ability is on cooldown and doesn’t have enough mana, you might consider dueling with it. You should seize this opportunity when you have a chance to make the right move and catch it.

Trundle will be incapable of ganking, especially if his teammates have not taken strong lane champions. For this reason, Trundle will generally try to farm and seek to increase his power. You should constantly try to gank and consider putting your teammates forward. So you punish him.

What is Trundle counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. When you activate the Trundle R ability, you must run back. Because when Trundle activates this ability, it will be much more durable and will also make your team’s tanks weaker. Once the R ability is over, you should try to adjust your position well to think about moving again.

Trundle will try to make more split pushes later in the game. When Trundle tries this out, you may often consider starting a team fight. Because Trundle won’t be nearby to react. For example, if you see it at the bottom of the map, you should start a 5v4 team fight near the top.

When Trundle tries to engage in teamfight, you should try using crowd control abilities. Although the tank is a champion, it has a structure that is helpless against crowd control. You have to try to fool him somehow and try to neutralize him with the right moves. So you can eliminate it easily.

What potential does Trundle have?

Trundle is a duel-loving champion. For this reason, he will constantly try to trade damage in the early stages of the game. When it is level 2 or level 3, it will try to move with all its might. If your health is low, you have to be careful and warn your lane friends not to go too far.

If you’re playing with a tank champ, you have to watch out for Trundle’s power increase at level 6. Using his Trundle R ability, he will be able to lower your defensive stats and disable you. You have to be extremely careful with this when trading damage. In particular, you should be careful not to play an overly aggressive game.

If your team has too many tank champions, you need to be careful. The biggest reason for this is that Trundle can neutralize tank champions in a short time. When he uses his R ability on a tank, you should try to get back right away. When the R ability wears off, you can continue the team fight by making a new move.

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