How to counter Twisted Fate?

When playing against Twisted Fate, all you have to do is watch your cards. You should know that you have to stay away from minion troops if he somehow chooses his red card. Therefore, it would be better to try to stay away from minion troops under any circumstances. Because he will be able to damage you again using his Q ability.

When Twisted Fate’s W ability is on cooldown, you may want to consider trading him for damage. Also, once you’ve chosen the blue card, you can use it as a damage exchange opportunity. Such stages are very important in the corridor stage. If you keep track of what Twisted Fate is doing, you will be able to neutralize him more easily.

It might be a good idea to get some magic resistance when playing against Twisted Fate. In particular, by purchasing the Mercury Treads item, you can reduce its dominant potential. As long as the Twisted Fate player can hold the yellow card, he will be very strong. You need to pay close attention to his ability to pick cards.

What is Twisted Fate counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Twisted Fate will generally consider visiting other corridors using the R skill. You must keep track of the cooldown of this skill and alert your teammates when needed. Because if Twisted Fate is planning something, he will prefer to disappear. As soon as you leave the lane, you must alert your teammates.

If you want to counter Twisted Fate’s split push potential, you should try to choose champions with crowd control ability. While he is trying to use his R ability, you must try to neutralize him. In this way, you can prevent him from participating in various team battles from long distances. If you cannot do this, it will be likely to perform the split push successfully.

Twisted Fate will constantly try to disturb you before making the last move. In the lane phase, you can try to choose a moving champion to avoid incoming damage. If you can’t prevent its annoying damage, you shouldn’t move too far forward. Because it will be able to neutralize you in a short time.

What potential does Twisted Fate have?

Twisted Fate gains strength, especially when he is level 5. After this level, the minion has a chance to clear waves faster. Thus, he may prefer a more controlled game in the lane stage. Also, this level helps him to trade damage more powerfully. When Twisted Fate is level 5, you have to be very careful.

Twisted Fate becomes extremely powerful after purchasing Everfrost. Moreover, the basic item he will buy before this item is very important. Thanks to the items it will buy, it will be able to increase its instant damage potential. After purchasing his basic items, you should be careful and watch his W skill in the best way.

Twisted Fate is very weak, especially in the early game. If he’s making a mistake like stepping forward in the lane, you should immediately seek help from your teammate jungler. This way, you can organize a successful raid. Keeping him behind in the early game will greatly help you for the rest of the game.

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