How to counter Twitch?

Twitch will often be invisible using his Q ability and will try to trade damage in lane. If you see your opponent support player taking an aggressive position, you’ll need to back off. If you’re unable to do this, you should try to neutralize Twitch with your crowd control ability as soon as it appears.

It is very important to be able to cause annoying damage to Twitch during the laning phase. Because there is no chance of gaining sustainability in the corridor stage without buying the necessary items. Even when he gets his stuff, he will have trouble with annoying damage. Because it is not easy to recharge minion troops by hitting them. You can try to use this to your advantage.

It is important to confine Twitch under his tower. If you want to prevent him from farming, you must try to push the corridor. While doing this, you should not neglect to control the map in the river area. Twitch’s passive ability will often have trouble making the last hit, as it will deal damage over time. Therefore, you can try to pick an aggressive lane champion.

What is Twitch counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. To play against Twitch, you need to make the best use of control wards. It is usually the type of champion that can navigate the map using his Q ability. If he does not get the opportunity to launch surprise attacks, he loses significant power. Therefore, you should not neglect to buy a control totem.

Twitch is a flimsy and inactive champion. Making the right move on him will usually be enough for you to score. Even if you don’t get a chance to achieve this, you can still gain an advantage by using some of his spells. Because Twitch is among the champions who fail to play aggressively when they lose their spells.

You shouldn’t try to stay side by side with your teammates too much in teamfights. The biggest reason for this is that Twitch can do extraordinary damage by using his R ability. You should not forget that you can do serious instant damage with this ability. You should be especially wary of the skill combination and not lose your position during the team fight.

What potential does Twitch have?

Twitch is among the champions called hypercarriers. For this reason, the game gets stronger as it progresses. This is why it is so important to end the match early. If the match gets longer, you will have to try to use the control wards in the best way possible. Because it can disappear and get you into trouble before teamfights.

Twitch’s first power boost occurs when he completes the Kraken Slayer item. When you buy this item, it eliminates the sustainability problem to some extent. Combining the Q ability and the active attribute of this item, it can perform very serious raids and instant attacks. You have to be careful for this.

Twitch performs his second power boost when he receives Runaan’s Hurricane. After receiving this item, he has a chance to deal absurd damage with his R ability. When Twitch uses this ability, you must come back immediately. In this way, you can prevent him from dealing damage freely and thus gain an advantage.

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