How to counter Udyr?

Udyr has quite strong dueling potential in the early game. It has a very good chance of winning any one-on-one fight, especially thanks to his Q and E ability. For this reason, it may not be the right choice to come into conflict with him alone. Instead, you should focus on farming and try to place totems at forest entrances as a precaution against raids.

Udyr is a champion having trouble clearing out camps with multiple monsters. To use this to your advantage, you can go into his jungle and try to steal these camps. Alternatively, you can make an effort to weaken him by raiding while clearing these camps. Of course you should try to get the necessary map visibility for this.

Raids by Udyr are pretty straightforward. He runs towards you, inflicts a stun on you, and uses his Q ability to take your health down. For this, you should consider placing totems in the bushes on the banks of the river. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to use your dodging ability or magic when Udyr gets too close.

What is Udyr counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Udyr doesn’t have enough opportunities to get close to his opponent. All he can do is run towards the target and try to stun him. You can use this to your advantage in team battles. For example, while chasing the carrier champion, you can damage him and make him escape back.

He has to rely on his speed to cover the distance. Other than that, his only option is to use spells like Flash (Flash). When he does this, he loses his only escape mechanism. This is a big advantage for you. You can try to neutralize it using this range. After all, he will have problems because he will be deprived of the only sudden escape mechanism he has.

The most important thing Udyr will do in team fights is very clear. He chooses a target for himself, gets close to him with his abilities or spells, and uses his abilities at maximum cycle to neutralize him. If he manages to survive during the first cycle, you should definitely get away from him. Because it will be very dangerous for you from now on.

What potential does Udyr have?

Udyr will have all its forms, especially when it is level 3. This means that he can rotate between his abilities at any time. However, you should keep in mind that there is a certain amount of time for the transition between rotations. To use this transit time, you might consider trading damage with him. This is one of the best moves you can make.

Udyr becomes unstoppable in a one-on-one fight after somehow finishes off the Turbo Chemtank item. It will not be very easy to deal with it in these conditions. You should get support from his teammates and try to disable him that way. In many other scenarios he will always be the winner. You shouldn’t give him a scoring advantage for nothing.

Udyr can make sneaky moves after he has finished a few of his items. For example, he can kill Baron alone. For this reason, it is important to make it a habit to place totems in the task areas from the 20th minute on. If Udyr manages to infiltrate without being seen, he will soon complete his goal and contribute to his team.

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