How to counter Vayne?

Vayne will constantly try to damage you by using her Q ability and dashing forward. This is one of the most important factors affecting the damage potential in the corridor phase. Generally he will try to apply this as annoying damage. You should try to defuse him with crowd control by getting support from the support champion next to him.

Vayne is quite underpowered during the corridor phase. It is also quite easy to raid it. If possible, you should get support from your jungler teammate and go after these scores. The best time to raid him is when he is wasting his Q ability. Since the cooldown of this ability is quite high, you can try to use it.

Vayne will use Q to kill any minion troops that are far from her. So you can take advantage of these moments and consider making the right moves for it. You can keep him away from minion troops with annoying damage, or you can go to score by taking powerful dives with your next teammate. In both cases, you will be advantageous.

What is Vayne counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Vayne will usually expect you to lose position by making various moves before teamfights. To do this, he will use his R ability to try to jump around, forward, backward or sideways. The only way to neutralize it is to get support from a powerful crowd control skill. Otherwise, Vayne will be able to reflect all of its potential damage.

Vayne is flimsy like all other marksman champions. It’s a pretty good idea to impress him with abilities that have high damage. You should get support from the player with the highest instant damage potential in your team. It is a very good idea to focus on it before the team fight starts. This way you can get an excellent advantage.

What potential does Vayne have?

Vayne experiences her first boost in strength, especially when she is level 6. Because at this level you gain access with your special talent. It is very important to try to take the right position. Otherwise, Vayne will try to damage you without any trouble. Just a few hits can make you desperate against Vayne. Therefore, you have to be careful.

The second power boost occurs when the Kraken Slayer item is taken. The best moment to engage him is definitely when he doesn’t get a charge on this item. You can try to set various traps for him or consider targeting him first in teamfights. Whichever strategy works best for you, it will be better to go after it.

Vayne transforms into a complete monster in the final stage of the game. It becomes almost impossible to stop it. As long as it continues to do damage, you can’t do anything because the tank will have a chance to defeat everyone, including champions. The only solution is to focus on it when the team fight begins and to gain advantage by trying to eliminate it first.

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