How to counter Veigar?

Veigar’s Q ability damages the first two targets hit. For this reason, you should always try to stay behind the minion troops during the laning phase. If you have two minions in front of you while trading damage, you can manage to trade damage without getting any damage from them.

Veigar cannot both farm and disturb you. At the same time, he has difficulty in farming when he is pushed down the lane. Especially the farm that he tries to do with Q skill will be interrupted. You might consider pushing the lane early in the game.

When Veigar hits a champion with any ability, he gains 1 ability power. He can also gain ability power thanks to his Q skill. You have to be careful with these. Because Veigar is a champion that is getting stronger. You should try not to be the target of more than one spell at the same time.

What is Veigar counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Veigar can’t do much if any champion isn’t blocked by crowd control. You have to be very careful with your E skill. When using the Veigar E ability, you should make an effort not to hit the walls or anything. Otherwise, he will be able to dominate you on the battlefield.

Veigar doesn’t have any mobility mechanics. When he casts his E ability, he has no choice of dodging the opponent. Taking this opportunity, you can try to move towards him after using his E ability. This will be an extremely good opportunity to make a move forward.

Part of Veigar’s damage potential comes from his W ability. This ability has a certain latency. You should try to avoid this skill as much as possible. Otherwise, you can get very serious damage and you may die suddenly and end up in your nose.

What potential does Veigar have?

When Veigar unlocks his special ability, he has a huge power boost. Because the potential to apply instant damage is maximized. Thanks to this ability, he will be able to damage you according to the health you lost. If your health is very low, you need to find a way to recover your health without getting around.

When Veigar starts taking his items, he has the potential to do serious damage. This is because your abilities can get as much of their ability power as possible. Thanks to his passive ability and his Q ability, the amount of ability power he gains can reach quite serious levels.

Veigar sets out with a build that can gain quite a lot of lives. When he does this, he will somehow try to impress you with his W ability. If he tries to move towards you, you should immediately step back. Because this is a harbinger of a jungle champion coming after him.

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