How to counter Vel’Koz?

When playing Vel’Koz, you should know that in the early phase of the game, you get almost all of your damage potential by activating your passive ability. It is possible to refresh the duration of passive cooldowns by making a simple attack on an opponent. In this way, he can keep the passive ability active while waiting for his abilities to exit cooldown. You have to be careful about this.

Vel’Koz is a champion that can easily push the aisle using his W ability. This can give you both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because you can get support from your jungle teammate against a player who pushes the lane too much. Additionally, Vel’Koz will try to prevent you from killing a minion by trapping you under the tower. However, since he is a sedentary champion, he has little chance of surviving sudden raids.

Vel’Koz will most likely try to disturb you during the hallway stage. To do this, he will use his skill Q and reactivate it, causing you discomfort. You have to be wary of such moves and convince yourself not to trade damage when it’s not needed. If you are in a very difficult situation, you can ask for support from your teammates.

What is Vel’Koz counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Vel’Koz is a fairly weak champion without the R ability or Flash (Flash) spell. You can be sure that you can do almost nothing in teamfights. You can force him to make a position error, and you have to make an effort to easily hunt when he makes mistakes. It is perfectly suited for this especially when the R skill is not available.

When Vel’Koz is alive, you have to be very careful with targets like Baron or Dragon. Because Vel’Koz’s R ability will instantly inflict the lives of all teammates. For this, it will be enough to know where it is. You have to eliminate it first and then try to focus on the map missions right after that. This will be the ideal scenario for your team.

When Vel’Koz uses R, he cannot move, but he can have a very wide range of effects. For this reason, you should not try to struggle in narrow areas such as forest areas. If you try to make a team fight in the jungle area, you will give him an enormous advantage in damage. If possible, you should avoid the potential for damage by fighting in more open areas.

What potential does Vel’Koz have?

Vel’Koz experiences an increase in strength, especially when he is level 3. The main reason for this is that it has the potential to fully use his passive ability. You should never let it activate your passive ability. If Vel’Koz manages to do this, he will deal a lot of damage and this amount of damage will make you extremely uncomfortable. You have to play carefully against him.

Vel’Koz can inflict powerful instant damage even to the toughest champion after reaching level 6. Once you start using your R skill, you should try to block it with your crowd control skill. If you fail to do this, they will be able to block the entire team from damage if they get the opportunity to be deployed correctly. You have to be very careful in team fights.

When Vel’Koz has Luden’s Tempest item, the damage potential is much higher. After receiving this item, you should try not to get any of the Q ability. Because when he catches you with this skill, he will be able to bring down his health bar instantly. Therefore, it is very important to be active when playing against him.

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