How to counter Vi?

When playing against Vi, you need to be aware of the troubles he had in the early stages of the game. He has a lot of trouble dealing damage, especially when he misses his Q ability. Also, having some mobility in front of him can make the W skill unused. However, whatever happens, you should try not to use your escape ability without coming close to you.

Vi’s abilities have very high cooldowns. However, when he hits his ability Q, he has a very, very advantageous short-term damage exchange. Similarly, when it comes to long-term damage exchange, he gets a chance to activate his passive ability. Therefore, you should always try to keep the distance between in order to reduce the potential for damage.

Usually Vi will try to launch a fight using his Q ability. If you see that Vi is coming by somehow filling his Q skill, you should immediately get away from there and use his escape abilities as an instant move. Especially if Vi is coming from the fog, you have to be very, very careful about it because he will try to approach you using the Flash spell.

What is Vi counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Vi turns into a difficult goal to deal with in the middle of the game. For this reason, it is very important to have map visibility in the forest area. Will be able to make moves that will determine the fate of the game with the combination of Q -> R. To avoid getting caught in this combination, you should always be careful to keep the distance between them.

Vi’s potential to win the game depends on his moves in the middle phase. In general, he will use his R ability on a carrier champion and try to finish the job after affecting him. If you want to sign a successful match against him, you should always try to adjust your position in the best way possible. Otherwise, he will be able to change the fate of the game by hunting one of his teammates.

Vi is usually a champion that needs a lot of gold to be strong. The items it needs are very, very expensive. For this reason, it usually loses its effect by remaining unstable. All you have to do is threaten and eliminate it with instant damage. If you can do this, you will protect your teammates. Especially if the carriers survive will mean that you will win the match.

What potential does Vi have?

Vi experiences the first boost in strength, especially at level 6. After this level, it starts to deal very serious damage and most importantly, the potential to score in the match increases. He will generally target the lower part of the lane and somehow score from there and turn his face towards the Ejder goal. If you get the correct ward placement in the bottom lane, you will be able to prevent him.

Vi’s second power boost occurs when he purchases the Trinity Force item. After acquiring this ability, it starts dealing a huge amount of damage against weak targets. However, this item does not give it extra stamina. Therefore, it also becomes unstable. If the other player makes this choice, you can try to eliminate him with instant damage.

Vi’s final power boost occurs when he completes two of his other important items. These two items will give him extra stamina and also cause him to deal a high amount of damage. Regardless, it’s easy to overpower it with crowd control capabilities. If your team has champions with strong crowd control effects, you should get support from them.

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