How to counter Viktor?

When playing against Viktor, you shouldn’t think about trading damage with him between level 1 and level 3. Because the skill Q works like two different abilities. This ability resets attack, deals damage, and also grants shields. At this stage, he will be able to damage you three times with a single skill, and most importantly, he will be able to block some of the damage from you.

It’s easy to avoid the W skill when playing with a ranged champion. You might consider feeding this ability. If you achieve this, Viktor becomes an open target against raids because there is no other skill that can help him with defense other than this ability. In addition, most Viktor players would not consider opening the W skill without level 4.

You may consider trading more aggressive damage after passing through the early stages of the match. Of course, it is important that the champion you choose here allows this. His not having enough gold will prevent his return. When the return is blocked, it will be very difficult for him to strengthen his E and gain minion control.

What is Viktor counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. When Viktor upgrades his E ability, he gains a huge advantage at clearing minion troops. He will also have a chance to slow waves of minions by using his W ability. Therefore, you can try to develop various games on waves of minions and go on a journey to search for scores on the map.

You must be advanced before Viktor can have two or three items. Viktor is one of the hypercarrier champions. The longer the game, the stronger it becomes. So it is imperative that you break the game in the early or middle phase of the game. Otherwise, Viktor will get stronger and will be able to carry the game.

It is essential that you develop a variety of strategies in teamfights against Viktor. He will be able to prevent the opposing team from making a move by using his W ability. He will also be able to use his AoE damage ability to try to damage the entire team. In order to approach the opposing team, you have to develop very different strategies. For example, you can get him to use his W ability early on.

What potential does Viktor have?

Viktor experiences a huge power boost, especially when he completes Hex Core. This gives him the chance to quickly clean up minions, as well as stop minion troops. In addition, it gains extra mobility above all else. This item is one of the most valuable items, especially in terms of gold. For this reason, Viktor is an extremely strong end-stage champion.

When Viktor completes all three of his items, he reaches the 40% cooldown threshold. From this point on, Viktor starts to show maximum effect in teamfights. Q’s cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds, and E’s cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds. This gives Viktor extra mobility as well as a chance to deal extra damage.

If Viktor somehow gets a full build, you’ll need to develop a variety of tactics to eliminate it. Somehow you have to separate him from your team. For this, you can consider organizing various sudden raids. Otherwise, it will not be very easy to prevent his effectiveness in a 5v5 match. You shouldn’t forget that Viktor is a hypercarrier.

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