How to counter Warwick?

Warwick is very strong in the early game. For this reason, when it is level 3, it will usually try to raid the opposite forest or corridor. To prevent this, you should consider putting totems in the forest entrances. Alternatively, consider putting a totem in the bush in the river. The important thing is not to be caught in a way that gives him an advantage.

Warwick’s E ability has a fairly large cooldown. When this ability is on cooldown, you should try to raid it. The main reason for this is that it can offer you a great advantage. If you catch him unprepared in the opposite forest, you can both gain an advantage and steal his power-ups and camps.

Warwick’s base movement speed is extremely low. Therefore, it is not easy to escape from things without the R ability or spells. For this reason, you may want to consider following him when his abilities are unavailable. Because he won’t have any weapons to answer you. However, you have to be careful with the support from your team.

What is Warwick counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Warwick’s passive attribute from W will allow him to increase his movement speed against low health targets. However, when it takes damage from enemy champions, it loses this feature. Therefore, you can try to use hit and run tactics in front of him while coming towards you. So you can prevent him from having extra damage.

Warwick’s ability to win the match is directly proportional to his dominance in the game. The high tempo he will set up in the match will be enough for him to win the match. For this reason, you may consider slowing down the match. At the same time, you must investigate the mistakes he made. You can prevent him from farming and keep him away from map missions.

You have to be careful while wandering through the woods when your health is low. You should not go into the forest with low health, especially if you do not have any vision advantage. Warwick’s passive attribute from W will help him spot you. It will also move extra fast as it moves towards you. You should not help him raid the forest by giving him this advantage.

What potential does Warwick have?

Warwick’s most significant power boost occurs when he reaches his special ability. After obtaining his special ability, he can organize more effective raids. When you see him in the hallway, you have to go back and keep yourself in the safe zone. You should also know that he is on target when he runs towards you. If you are unable to raid against, you must warn your teammates.

Warwick will be extremely weak in teamfights unless he has E and R skills. Therefore, you may consider taking various opportunities to waste their abilities. When these abilities are on cooldown, you simply have to deal instant damage to them and try to neutralize them.

If you get caught by Warwick, you shouldn’t panic. After using his special ability, he will use Q. Therefore, if you survive, you have to wait a while before using the escape skill. After using Q, you can run away from him. However, if you try to escape as soon as the effect of the special ability is over, it will use Q and it will come with you.

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