How to counter Xayah?

Xayah is a champion that develops games mostly around his Q skill. Using this ability, he can exercise mass control through his feathers. Without him, the support next to him will not be able to follow the moves the champion will make. Therefore, you should follow the skill Q and try to make various moves when this ability is on cooldown.

In the hallway matchup, you should always try to be on Xayah’s side. In this way, you will prevent him from using his feathers from his simple attacks. You may think the damage from here is very low, but you should take into account that things can change completely after a few hits. The damage from here will help you make a difference.

Xayah’s W ability is her base ability on damage per second. This ability has a very high cooldown. By trying to forage this ability, you can try to make it useless. You can then consider attempting to trade damage with it. The important thing here is to show the ability to act with the support champion next to you.

What is Xayah counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. This champion has trouble when he has to deal with more than one champion because he doesn’t get the opportunity to control his feathers. In team battles, you have to try to get involved in the team fight from the side areas. Alternatively, you should be careful not to let the hairs pile up behind you. This way, you can reduce its damage potential.

When Xayah feels unsafe, she will be able to use her R ability. Therefore, you can try to feed him. After using R, you can try to eliminate it with instant damage. However, after using your special skill, you have to be very careful with your fur. You should not forget that you can do extra damage with these feathers.

This champion is a sedentary champion. The slowing effects work well against him. You should also consider choosing a champion that will offer a range advantage over this champion with a low simple attack distance. This way, you can prevent him from running back in damage exchange or intervene in his re-move after he comes back from the fight.

What potential does Xerath have?

After reaching level 3, Xayah has access to all of her basic abilities. It means a huge increase in power for this because his abilities start to work much better. That’s why you should be careful not to be too aggressive when attempting to trade damage. There will be a chance to change the course of the struggle with various moves.

Xayah becomes extremely powerful after completing her first two items because it increases her critical chance. At the same time, thanks to the attack speed he gets from his abilities, he can manage to lay his feathers more easily. You should always pay attention to this and try to develop a plan for dealing with feathers. Otherwise, Xayah will be advantageous in all circumstances.

When it is 13th level, E and W skills will have reached the maximum level. These abilities will give him extra attack speed and extra feather damage. After this level, you should not try to run against Xayah alone. Because he will be able to throw feathers and use his R ability to neutralize you. You have to consider attacking from the sides while attacking him.

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