How to counter Xerath?

You are very likely to have trouble with lane control against Xerath. Because Xerath is quite adept at clearing waves of minions thanks to his skill kit. Since his abilities have a very low cooldown, he can constantly clear them from minion troops. You should definitely stay away from minion troops whenever he tries to use his abilities.

You have to be very careful when trading damage with Xerath. Having a low mana bar should not mislead you. Because he is one of the rare champions who can gain mana thanks to his passive ability. A simple attack is enough for this. If you do not want to hunt while going hunting, you should try to learn about the mechanics of the opposite champion.

If you want to trade damage with Xerath, be careful that W or E is on cooldown. When Xerath does not have one of these abilities, he is open to all kinds of raids and moves. You should remember that he has a low level of mobility. If you are thinking of making a move for this, you should try to find the right time frame.

What is Xerath counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. It’s a pretty good idea to try to approach Xerath from the flank areas during teamfights. He will generally stay in the background and try to deal damage in a unique way with his long range abilities. It always works to attack from the flank areas and neutralize it. In this way, you can change the course of team battles.

Xerath will try to delay the teamfight as long as possible after using his Q -> W -> R abilities. These are his main damage abilities. So you have to be extra careful. You should know that when he moves, he will use these abilities. If you survive after using these abilities, you should try to start a team fight. Because the advantage will now be in you.

Xerath has a huge problem against champions with crowd control. The main reason for this is that it is an inactive champion. If you manage to neutralize him with crowd control abilities, you can continue your moves to deal annoying damage. This works in any situation, but you shouldn’t put yourself in danger while doing this.

What potential does Xerath have?

Xerath gains power especially when he unlocks his R ability. This skill gives him extra distraction skill. At the same time, the amount of damage the skill deals will be too high, so you will have to use it to advantage. You have to be careful when your health is low. Because the range of use of this ability is quite high.

When Xertah buys Luden’s Tempest, he has maximized his ability to disturb and lane pushing. With the Q -> W combination, she can quickly clear a wave of minions. If you face Xerath down the lane, you need to be very careful because with the advantage of the items, it will have the chance to push the lane quickly.

When Xerath’s Q reaches its maximum level, its damage potential increases. This is something that is usually experienced at level 9. After Xerath becomes level 9, you must try to escape this ability. Otherwise, you may have to take a lot of damage. When playing against Xerath, you should know that this is extremely important.

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