How to counter Xin Zhao?

You have to be careful with the moves Xin Zhao’s will make at level 2. The E and Q ability offers attributes such as attack speed, distance closure, and simple attack reset, as well as splash into the air. Using these attributes, Xin Zhao is almost likely to score. Therefore, you must protect your jungle area using totems and warn your teammates against raids.

When he is level 6, he gains access to R and uses this ability to protect him from various damage. If you have abilities or spells that cause damage over time, you shouldn’t rely on them too much. Because as long as R is active, it will not be possible to kill him. You should try to develop alternative strategies to deal with it.

Xin Zhao’s skill kit lacks the ability to dodge challenges. The only skill that can help him in this matter is R skill. It also becomes vulnerable when focusing on damage-dealing items as builds. He has trouble when he has to fight a few champions in team battles. You can try using this to your advantage.

What is Xin Zhao counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Xin Zhao is a champion that is very weak against mass control effects. While it can be very easy to eliminate, you should not ignore the potential for damage. When he targets one of his team, he can cause him to disappear with his ordinary power. You have to be careful and, if necessary, eliminate it before the team fight begins.

Xin Zhao has quite strong dueling skills. In addition, it is a sustainability-free champion and has the ability to control crowd. However, he is not very adept at dealing with multiple champions at the same time. It can be easily disabled, especially when the R ability is unavailable.

Xin Zhao is a inmobile champion. Even if it is easy to get involved in team battles, it may not be easy to get out. That’s why when you move towards your team, you should consider punishing him if he goes too deep. A similar situation is valid when it makes a position error. You have to use your position mistake successfully and try to neutralize it.

What potential does Xin Zhao have?

Xin Zhao is very powerful in the early game. He is one of the rare champions who know how to raid at level 2. You should be very careful about the raid he will perform at this level. Even if you don’t want to counter-raid, you should know that you have to warn your teammates. Your corridor friends should be wary of the possibility of him raiding.

After completing the Eclipse item, Xin Zhao experiences a boost in strength. All the damage it needs in the game comes from here. When you complete these two items, you should know that you have to respect its damage potential. You should be careful with your moves and not make a position mistake.

Xin Zhao has a lot of trouble when he fails to catch someone on his first move. When he starts to fall back in the game, it is not easy to recover. He cannot survive in team battles because he has trouble in the final stage of the game. For this, you have to try to analyze the opposite team in the best way. If it comes to prolonging the game, you should develop a strategy in this direction.

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