How to counter Yasuo?

Yasuo uses Q to farm. When this ability is unavailable, you need to make good use of the cooldown. This is one of the best moments to trade damage. Because in order to respond, Yasuo would have lost all of his advantage. If you use these ranges to trade damage, you can gain an advantage in the lane.

Keep in mind that Yasuo can quickly approach you using his E ability. That is why it is very important to take the correct position in the corridor stage. You have to control the minion waves well and try to guess where it might come from. If necessary, you should take a step back and try to reduce his chances of moves.

It is imperative that you make good use of the battlefield against Yasuo. When he adopts his aggressive style of play, you should expect him to make a mistake. Especially when using the E skill, you should know that you have no other option to approach you and make moves accordingly. If you need, you should try to raid by getting support from your jungle teammate.

What is Yasuo counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Yasuo is an extremely active champion. That’s why you need to keep your distance while fighting. You should warn your teammates who are vulnerable in team warfare. This way, you block Yasuo’s reach potential. Yasuo is a champion that loses its chance to take effect when unable to reach carrier champions.

Mass control is the most effective remedy against Yasuo. Before using your special ability in team battles, you should try to eliminate it. Because this skill will give him extra shields and armor penetration. You should avoid this scenario as much as possible. In almost every situation in which this scenario works, it will be the side that will be advantageous.

Yasuo’s W ability is a game-changer. However, the skill’s cooldown is very high. You should pay attention to his use of this ability. In addition, before using the fixer abilities, you need to make sure that you are not deprived of this skill. If you don’t, Yasuo will be able to block his most effective abilities using his wall.

What potential does Yasuo have?

Yasuo experiences a significant increase in power after completing his boots. His movement speed and attack speed are invaluable to him. Before the boots are completed, the potential for moves is much more limited. If you want to trade powerful damage, you should try using the initial phase of the game this way. Of course, he must have a strong champion in the early game.

The second power boost occurs when you get the Immortal Shieldblow. When he completes this item, he has a chance to deal extra damage. Moreover, this damage that he will inflict extra is magic damage. It also gains extra attack speed and critical chance. These are all qualities that go well with Yasuo’s kit. Therefore, you have to be very careful.

Finally, you should definitely but definitely watch out for the Infinity Edge item. It will not be easy to stop a Yasuo who has completed this item. You should try not to be left with one-on-one struggles. Most importantly, you shouldn’t let him use his abilities to corner you. You should be careful with your position and try not to make a position mistake.


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