How to counter Yone?

Yone is an extremely mobile champion in the lane stage. In other words, it is extremely mobile. But when he returns with his E ability, you may consider punishing him until the cooldown. This is the most important time frame you should play aggressively.

When Yone used his E, you shouldn’t try to follow him. Some players in particular have a habit of chasing him where he goes. This is not the right move. Because Yone will eventually revert to its original point. So you have to be careful.

When playing with a ranged champion, you should try to make the most of the range advantage. You have to constantly annoy and pressure him. You have to make sure you’re standing back enough while doing all of these. In this way, you will prevent it from reaching you easily.

What is Yone counter strategy?

While conducting a team fight, you should move as quickly as possible and not be too close to your teammates. When you do this, you are preventing Yone from safely using R.

You have to be careful in the forest zone, river zone and around the missions. These are ideal areas for Yone’s R ability. So you have to be extremely careful and try not to start a fight around there. If you start a fight, it will be Yone who will benefit from it.

Just like in the laning phase, you have to be extremely careful in teamfights. Because Yone will be able to try to trick you using her E ability. You shouldn’t go too far on it, you should try to damage it using ranged champions.

Short tips against Yone

  • Yone has twice the critical strike chance, but only 80% of her damage has a chance to inflict when she deals damage.
  • When Yone leaps forward, he creates a wind that throws enemies into the air, and does this with every third successful Q ability.
  • W gains more shield per champion hit.
  • The cooldown and cast time of the Q and W abilities vary depending on the attack speed Yone has.
  • Yone is affected if E is interrupted or crowd control is applied. However, when the mass control is over, Yone will return to her original body.
  • With his Q, E, and R abilities, Yone can leap forward through walls on all of them.
    When he casts R, he always comes behind the last champion hit; If he can’t hit anyone, he goes to the maximum distance.
  • When he gets his ability E, he becomes a powerful and safe damage exchange weapon.
  • When E uses his ability in a safe place, he can navigate the map as he wishes and perform aggressive moves.
  • As long as he uses his R skill correctly, he can change the course of teamfights.
  • It becomes very powerful, especially when completing the Ghost Dancer (Phantom Dancer) and the Eternal Sword (Infinity Edge) items.
  • She is vulnerable when Q leaps forward and misses R.
  • When he uses his E ability, he is guaranteed to return to his body. This is an ideal option to punish it.

What potential does Yone have?

Although he gains power when he reaches his Q and E abilities, he actually experiences the significant power increase when he reaches R. This ability offers him enormous pressure potential. You should know that you have to be wary of this potential.

When Yone somehow gets 100% critical chance from your items, you need to be very careful. You should remember that his passive ability gives him twice the critical chance. This is a very dangerous rate. Therefore, you should be careful not to come too close.

Yone tends to show his true strength, especially in teamfights. The R skill is the most important team war weapon. Thanks to this ability, it has the chance to target more than one opponent. For this reason, you should try not to stay too close to your teammates in teamfights.

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