How to counter Yorick?

When you play against Yorick, you have to watch out for his graves. You have to follow them constantly. When Yorick has more than a certain amount of graves, he begins to spawn ghouls. When there are too many ghouls around, you shouldn’t try to fight him. Because he will be the side that will be advantageous in almost many conditions.

You should not try to trade damage if Yorick somehow managed to pull out a ghoul, or if the R ability is available. When the ghouls are not around, disturbing him, poking him, and damaging him will help you win the corridor. For this, of course, you must have a suitable champion in hand. Otherwise, he will be the winner of the aisle.

If somehow Yorick manages to catch you with his trap, you have to make an effort not to stay in him. The wall he creates using his W ability is extremely effective, even if it looks quite simple. You have to attack the wall at the first opportunity and get out of there. If you don’t, your Yorick ghouls will start to damage you.

What is Yorick counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. If the opposing team has Yorick, you must make him consume his R ability before the team fight can start. If you can do this before the war starts, you will gain a huge advantage. Because Yorick’s damage is very, very much. You can also find yourself in 5 vs 6 ways in the fight.

Yorick is a champion that can regen health using his Q and R abilities. Therefore, when playing against him, you may consider turning to items that reduce your health healing skills. With this item you can buy, you reduce his chances of staying in the corridor. You also take away your chances of survival by filling life in potential raids.

Yorick will try to use the combination E -> W to start the team fight. This combination is very powerful. When he somehow catches one of his teammates, his return may not be possible. You should consider helping your teammate with this move. You have to bring down the wall created by Yorick and eliminate the ghouls.

What potential does Yorick have?

Yorick becomes very strong after he reaches level 6 In most cases he gets the strength to fight 1 to 2. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful while raiding him. It should be your main goal to eliminate the assistant created with the R ability. Also, you should avoid colliding with it as much as possible.

The Trinity Force item will be the first item Yorick will try to get. After receiving this item, it strengthens the damage potential and also significantly increases the chance of survival. To make it easier to match in lane, you have to invest in defensive items. Of course, you should go for those who are compatible with the champion you choose.

The Mistress of Mist (Maiden), created by Yorick, has the potential to activate his chosen rune. For this reason, it is necessary to be extra careful when struggling with it after the 6th level. When the Conqueror rune is activated, it may not be easy to stand against it. In such cases, you have to be very careful not to enter into long-term damage trading.

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