How to counter Yuumi?

Whenever Yuumi gets a chance, she will use her Q ability to damage and disturb champions in lane. Every time you use your Q, you must try to protect yourself by hiding behind or inside minion waves. It is very important that you can do this, as this skill will slow you down when you hold it.

When Yuumi is level 6, you have to try to be extra careful. You have to be very careful, especially when going to places where you have no vision. Because it may not be easy to stop this champion who can easily plot a raid using his R ability. When you are exposed to the effects from the skill, you give Yuumi’s teammates a chance to score.

Whenever Yuumi leaves the champion she’s attached to, you should try to damage her. If you manage to damage him, he will be busy regenerating his own health and consuming his mana here. Therefore, the carrier next to him will lose the chance to support the champion. During the corridor phase, you should pay extra attention to your goal and try to develop a plan accordingly.

What is Yuumi counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Yuumi’s R ability has a very wide range of effect. For this reason, you should not make the mistake of waging a team fight in tight spaces. Especially when positioning around the map missions, you have to be very careful. For example, if Baron catches the opposing team in his hole, he will have the opportunity to use his R skill effectively.

Yuumi’s style of play is actually very clear. He will constantly try to switch from one friendly champion to another. If the opposing team is preparing to make a move, you should try to get back. You have to be very careful, especially if Yuumi is above the champion in the front. Because he will be able to start the team fight by using his R skill aggressively.

If Yuumi loses control of the position, you should consider eliminating her immediately. He doesn’t have any mobility skills when he’s not with an ally champion. Therefore, it is possible to punish him easily. If you notice that the Yuumi player has made a positional error, you should consider making a quick move towards him.

What potential does Yuumi have?

Yuumi gets her first power boost, especially when she gets Moonstone Renewer. When She purchases this item, she improves her damage potential and health healing skills. After receiving this item, you have to be very careful every time you use Q. Because somehow he will be able to deal a lot of damage to you when he hits this ability.

Yuumi’s second power boost occurs when she reaches level 6. At this level, since it will unlock the R skill, she now has the opportunity to start a team fight easily. You have to be very careful with every move he can make. Because this skill, which she can use after she becomes level 6, is very powerful. You may not have a chance to escape when it leaves you gravel for a few seconds.

Yuumi is very effective in teamfights. The main reason for this is the area damage effect from the R ability. While preparing for team battles, you should be careful not to stay in touch with your teammates. Also, you have to avoid struggling in the forest area as much as possible. Narrow spaces are Yuumi’s favorite areas.

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