How to counter Zac?

Zac is a champion who can have problems with his Q and E abilities that help him start a fight. Because these skills have a very high initial cooldown. Therefore, he is extremely selective in using these abilities. If you catch him lacking these abilities, you should try to finish him off immediately.

While raiding, Zac will try to catch and shoot you using only his Q ability. To do this, he must attack a minion unit or champion. That’s why you should try not to stay too long next to the minion troops when you see him in the lane. You should keep this in mind while raiding against you.

Zac is a champion who may have some problems clearing jungle camps in general. In particular, he has to use his E ability while trying to kill the Scuttle Crab. If you see that you are trying to eliminate this target, you can tell that the ability E is on cooldown. In this case, you should know that you will not have any escape skills left.

What is Zac counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. You should pay close attention to Zac’s passive ability in the early game and early middle phase. Because, thanks to his passive ability, it may not be possible to remove all the pieces even if they break into pieces instead of dying. For this, you can consider getting support from Smite spell.

Zac’s R ability is very useful in teamfights. You should be careful not to stay together in team fights. All you have to do as a team is to leave distances in between. Otherwise, Zac using his R ability will be able to apply a very powerful slow effect to his team. When this skill is used, it is not possible to stop it.

If Zac is the first to move, it shouldn’t be a mistake to fight him right away. E is quite durable when he uses his ability because the Aftershock effect from the rune is activated and all the abilities you used may have been wasted in a sense. You must escape from the E skill and prevent him from using R with practical moves.

What potential does Zac have?

After Zac finishes off his first jungle item, he gets much better at clearing jungle camps. The damage it inflicts increases, so he doesn’t have any trouble clearing the camps. While cleaning the camp, you shouldn’t try to get too close to it. Because the passive ability of the forest item will be able to activate and leave you in flames.

After purchasing and Sunfire Ageis and Spirit Visage items, Zac experiences a huge boost in power. Because the fragmentation skill from his passive ability gains an extra health healing opportunity. It is not so easy to catch him in camps and in the forest from this point on. Because he will be able to easily recover the damage he received from the camps.

Zac is usually a raiding champion at level 3 of the game. When he catches it, he will try to use it as his potential to neutralize the opponent is very strong. You should be aware of the ability to jump into the air from the E ability. When it comes to raiding, you should go to help your teammates or, conversely, carry out a raid plan in lane.

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