How to counter Zed?

Zed is a champion who has problems with farming and moving forward in the lane phase. The only skill that will allow him to farm is the Q skill. Annoying him regularly will make him have problems with regeneration and will drop him back. In this respect, you should know that you have to seize every opportunity you find.

You have to constantly try to push the corridor. Then you should try to contribute the score by navigating the map. If you manage to confine him under the tower correctly, he will have to farm. In this respect, it will not catch up with you and will fall back again. To achieve this, you can try to get champions with high ability to navigate the map.

Even killing him 1 time in the lane stage would be a perfect move to get ahead. If you invest in armor-earning items at the start of the game, you will limit its damage potential. However, you should try to pay extra attention to the moments when your strength rises. Zed is a champion that gets stronger with the snowball effect. If this doesn’t happen, it simply starts to fall back.

What is Zed counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. Most importantly, you should turn to runes that will help you survive the rune choices. If you’re playing with a flimsy champion, it can be helpful to get Zhonya’s Hourglass early on. As I said, the power of the game is quite high in the early and middle phases of the game. You have to find ways to reduce this.

When Zed uses his special ability after being 6, you should try to respond to him with proper timing. Even a second mistake you make here can cause you to die. So it’s important to be extra careful. Buying armor and playing with champions with high armor value is very valuable not to die in one move.

Whatever you do against Zed, if you have a flimsy champion, you shouldn’t try to engage in 1-on-1 battles. This is equivalent to committing suicide. R has a lot of power and uses this ability at the right time to neutralize you and come back. This is the main reason why it turns to carrier champions who are vulnerable in team battles.

What potential does Zed have?

Zed starts showing teeth when he is level 3. You have to be careful for this. With just one combination, he’ll be able to take away most of his life. However, if he misses this move, you should go on it and try to punish him. Because he will use his escape ability to damage you, he won’t have a chance to escape again.

When Zed is level 6, he gains access to R. In the event of a champion with low armor against him, he has a chance to easily neutralize him. It will be enough to use all his abilities in one go. For this reason, you should be careful not to make a position error in front of him. You should also warn other carrier champions in your team about this.

Zed gains a lot of power when he has an armor-piercing item. In this case, you have to start playing with extra caution. You shouldn’t get too far as you push the aisles. Because when he seizes his opportunity, he will not hesitate to move towards you. You should leave the minion waves in the right positions and consider going back.

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