How to counter Ziggs?

Ziggs constantly tries to disturb the other champion by using his Q ability during the laning phase. This ability has a very low cooldown, but it is a skill shot. The damage amount of this ability that deals area damage is quite good. Therefore, you should try not to stay too close to minion troops to avoid unnecessary damage.

Ziggs is an extremely sedentary champion as long as he has no W ability. This ability has a very high cooldown. In addition, Ziggs can use this ability from time to time to disturb the opponent or make a final hit. You should take advantage of these times and try to get an advantage from damage trading. If necessary, you should get support from your jungler teammate.

All of Ziggs’ basic abilities are skill shots that deal short and medium range but area damage. Therefore, it is a very advantageous champion in pushing the aisle. But this situation also has a disadvantage. Coordinated with your jungler teammate, you can raid him much more easily.

What is Ziggs counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. In teamfights, Ziggs will stay in the background. Using his abilities, he will attempt to damage multiple targets at the same time. Ziggs’ Q is a special skill in this respect, but it might not be easy to get this ability at close range. You should try to seize every opportunity to close the gap.

After the middle phase of the game is complete, you need to be very careful. Especially after the outer towers have disappeared, Ziggs begins to affect almost every area of ​​the map. He will be able to contribute to struggles from very long distances by using his almost globally effective R ability. That’s why you should try to gain control of the view in the forest and river.

Thanks to his passive ability, Ziggs manages to be one of the best tower landing champions in this game. In addition, W has an important contribution to this. You have to be very careful with the lives of the towers. Because when Ziggs and his team put the siege plan into action, they will be able to destroy the towers in a short time.

What potential does Ziggs have?

After completing Sorcerer’s Shoes and Luden’s Tempest, Ziggs experiences a powerful boost in power. From this point on, he starts clearing his minion waves very quickly. You shouldn’t leave him alone in the hallway. Because when this happens, it will be able to demolish a tower within seconds.

You have to be very careful while fighting in the forest zone. You should be especially careful about the intersections. Because Ziggs will be able to close such areas with his W and E skills, prevent passes and give his team an advantage. When you decide to have a team fight, you should choose the location of it well. Ziggs will always have an advantage in tight spaces.

The Lich Bane item is not a very popular choice. However, the item in question is one of the items that can make an extra contribution to him. If the other player has purchased this item, you may need to change the style of play. Because each empowered simple attack will be able to do much more damage than its effect. Moreover, this damage can also be applied to towers and map missions.

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