How to counter Zilean?

When fighting against Zilean, you need to be active. When it affects you with the Q skill, it is necessary to draw a good route while avoiding it. Because he will be able to add a second time bomb to you using his W skill. You have to be careful as this will mean extra damage. Instead of running in a straight line as you run away from it, you may consider heading towards it.

After reaching level 6, Zilean will switch to an extremely aggressive style of play. This is because he can keep himself or his ally alive using his R ability. Whenever he uses his special talent on someone or himself, you should immediately change your focus. You have to load on your new goal and try to eliminate it.

Zilean’s damage potential increases with his items. Note that you can do a lot of damage with the Q -> W -> Q combination. Therefore, it is very important to be able to avoid bombs. It will also add these bombs to minion troops from time to time. You should try to avoid these troops as much as possible. If you don’t want to take damage effortlessly, you have to be very careful with your position.

What is Zilean counter strategy?

You have to be careful in choosing a champion. In team battles, you can try to eliminate Zilean first. If you do this, you can make him use his R ability or manage to neutralize him before he can use it. This way, you can make the rest of the team battle much easier. You are much more likely to have an advantage in a 5v4 team fight.

Zilean often acts alone to maintain map control. When you try to drop wards on targets like Baron or Dragon, you might consider setting up a trap for him. This way you can make him use his spells. At best, you get him to waste his R ability. This will increase your chances of success on your next raid attempt.

When team battles begin, if Zilean uses his special ability on a hyper-carry champion, you should try to eliminate him quickly. If you don’t do this, you will be the loser of the team battle. Alternatively, you can wait for the R ability to expire and then act. However, you need to make good use of the time in between.

What potential does Zilean have?

Zilean is not very strong in the first level of the game. However, after reaching level 2, he gains power because he gets a chance to apply the combination Q -> W -> Q. When it reaches the double bomb, the damage it will inflict is really high. Avoiding bombs should be your priority. Because if you get caught in these bombs, you will significantly reduce your chances of staying in the lane.

Zilean is an extremely successful champion in achieving score contribution. This is because of his abilities that he will use while in laning. Especially after level 6, he can arrange various strategies and enable his teammate to score. You have to be very careful about this. All you have to do is waste your R skill.

As the game progresses, Zilean becomes much stronger. When these conditions are valid, his contribution to his team will be much more. Since the cooldown of R is reduced, it has a chance to use it much more often. You can choose an aggressive play style for this. Whenever the R ability is on cooldown, you may want to consider starting a team fight.

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